What We Offer!

How do you reach for those higher objectives in life? In these unique programs we explore how we can renew ourselves from within and how to nurture yourself and the world. This process spans from our stored unconsciousness starting from our prenatal existence spanning throughout our lives. We explain about dreams and their interpretation, unique meditation, understanding your own inner compass, and simple contemplation methods, skills that are lacking in today’s chaotic society. we offer explanations as to the importance of taking responsibility of your inner life versus your outer life.

We all must learn why all human values have been corrupted and lost, how humanity has been imprisoned within a lamentable state of collective psychosis for an astounding 10,000 years, and how leaders only perpetuate this deeply rooted and fundamental problem. Our program offers tangible methods to reconstruct these lost values from within, harnessing the power of your mind and soul. Understand that this internal transformation is the sole path to genuine fulfilment.

We all need to create our own personal system for balance, flexibility, inner fortitude, comprehension of our epigenetics. You can be released from within by understanding the dark side of rulers and religions. 

What you learn from this program is the start of a new 2000 year collective journey, a new reboot for humanity’s 2000 year failure. This is the new beginning that we all have been waiting for to rewrite the narrative of human existence.

“People received a divine gift to create all mankind, but instead they created a life filed with misery.” 

The Inner Renewal Program

This ground-breaking 4-week course presents a paradigm-shifting perspective on human existence, unlocking the path to inner peace. It caters to individuals eager to attain meaningful personal goals and holistic self-enrichment.

Seminar sessions commence in February 2024, scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday, spanning from 15:45 to 16:45.

Our outer Mission Program

This second 4-week course is a revolutionary journey towards a profound understanding of our collective mission, centered on redefining global education and fostering world peace.


Seminar sessions commence in March 2024 scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday, 15:45-16:45

Don't miss this transformative opportunity!
Unlock the potential for positive change and join us in this transformative experience.

Unlock the gateway to a distinctive opportunity for personal growth and profound transformation. We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the inaugural 4-week program. You can conveniently secure your enrolment by remitting a fee of 400€ at our esteemed centre, situated at The San Roque Commercial Centre.

This exclusive program presents an unparalleled opportunity to delve into profound concepts curated by Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, PHD. It is imperative to clarify that this program is not to be misconstrued as psychotherapy; rather, it offers an insightful exploration of concepts that are equally applicable to both inner and outer development. 

After completion of both programs we will establish a “philosophical club” to continue learning and nurturing the world.

Act swiftly, as we have limited capacity with only 10 available slots for this transformative journey. Elevate your comprehension of self and embark upon a voyage toward inner harmony and enlightenment today. Seize this opportunity, as it may not come again!