The Contamination Report

The Contamination Report

The Contamination Report, published by Schellhammer Business School and researched in collaboration with the Schellhammer Institute, provides an in-depth look at possibly one of the most pressing issues facing mankind today – contamination.

Whether one is a student, a scientist, a mother or father, a startup founder, self-made entrepreneur or CEO of a large corporation, contamination is an issue that everyone must become aware of and begin to address. Be it the chemical toxins found in the food we eat or the nuclear waste that may take thousands of years to decompose, contamination around the globe is posing a danger to our very existence.

The new report reveals over 1,000 facts and figures about contamination and shows how everything is interrelated. Unlike many reports though, The Contamination Report has gathered simple to understand and read facts and figures about contamination and the effects it is having on all living things on this planet. The clear and concise presentation makes it a perfect read for anyone who cares about their future.

The good news is that there are solutions and they are not simply about sustainability, eco-friendliness or renewable energy. The report identifies that all elements begin with human beings and as such, solutions must focus on this.

“A new education can offer the path to solutions” says Dr. Edward Schellhammer, adding that “the world needs a new breed of leader; new leaders trained with a new education with the most advanced concept of man and personal development, which enables complex thinking, goal setting and decision making as a strongly motivated, reliable, and balanced personality”.

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