Meditation and Dream Interpretation Workshops

Education Modules:

Archetypal Human Development
Millennium Epigenetic Laws

State of Humanity and the World Collective Destructiveness
The wrong Way of Humankind

Psychology of Religion
and Fabricated Religion

Meditation and Dreams for Catharsis
Aiming Completeness

Aims, Parameters, Strategies,
and Principles of Global Changes

For Knowledge about Personal Development and the World

Education is vital for success:
in life, business and job.
Without learning, knowledge and training there can’t be a good future.

We also offer weekly ad-hoc meetings with open discussions about the following topics:

Meditation and Dream Interpretation; Constructive Relationship; How the Mind is built up; Sustainable Love; Archetype of Marriage; Prenatal and postnatal development; Self-Management like a Business with Horizon; Understanding yourself, your past and others’ motivation; Finding the inner Meaning of Life; Archetypal inner Development; Inner Catharsis; Meaning of emotions; Illusion of Technology; Brainwash; Facing your Future; Delusions everywhere; Illusion of Freedom; Fear and Guilt versus Hope; Fabricated Religion; Danger of religious and political Dogmas; New Ways of Living; and more.

Global Conferences:

Peace and Balance on Earth
Life with Human Values
Roots of Ethics and Morality
The Sick Face of Warmongers
The Truth Prevails in Politics
Fair Economy for the People
Ecosystems for the Future
One Meaning of Life for All
Archetypal Human Development
Challenges for Humanity and the World
Responsibilities for the Future
Solutions for Global Threats

Individuals in Education
Representatives of Religions
Political Institutions