Seminars for Human Evolution

The ‘Seminars for Human Evolution’ is a meeting point for leaders, managers and representatives of institutions seeking vanguard solutions for the global mega-criticalities, which can’t be solved with technology and old-fashioned politics and governance. The dire state of humanity, the world and the planet with an unstoppable momentum towards global collapse on a level of Armageddon requires a completely new approach to bring humanity on the archetypal track of human evolution.

Urgent and of highest importance:

  • Humanity needs a new concept of ‘man’, a new spirituality, and a new breed of evolutionary humans.
  • Humanity needs a new generation of all-round prepared leaders in every field of human endeavor.
  • Humanity needs a new concept of Business Schools, of Universities, and of a new Public Education.
  • Humanity needs to reclaim the genuine archetypal Religion, never established and today forgotten.

Solidarity, affirmation and good will for the transformation of the global threats, require knowledge, expertise and complex psychological competences, which must be transformed strategically with a roadmap of 25 years into real action for changes and renewal. We have to consider the complex interrelations and the dynamics of the momentum of all systems and components such as politics, economy, public education and religion with roots back to centuries and even to thousands of years.

Not even the elitist ‘think-tank’ institutions with billions of dollars at their disposal have such an insight and view. And all academic institutions are chained with the accreditation scam and can’t dig deep into the ‘mystery of human development’, which is fundamentally interrelated with the ‘other world’.

In collaboration with Schellhammer Business School, the Schellhammer Institute offers the following seminars for Human Evolution:

It is indeed an unsolved mystery: Endless wars since 150 years triggered by Western Governance – not to mention the thousands of wars during the last 5,000 years. Above that humanity is about to eliminate itself and this within the coming decades. Something is completely malformed in the minds of leaders. The Schellhammer Institute opens a new path for hope, peace, justice and balance.

Seminar 1: Vanguard Archetypal Leadership

  • World Population Growth and its long term Implications (Evangelos Zographos, MBA)
  • Governance creates the Worst Crimes since ever rooted in Deicide (Dr. Ed. Schellhammer)
  • Global Contamination and its Long Term Effects on Marketing (Evangelos Zographos, MBA)
  • Climate Change and the Destruction of the Foundation of Life (Dr. Ed. Schellhammer)
  • Over-Exploitation and its Long Term Political and Human Implications (John Sibcy MBA)
  • Conceptual Solutions for National and Global Renewal within 25 years (Dr. Ed. Schellhammer)

3 Days: Arrival Thursday evening; Program: Friday and Saturday 11-18 h, and Sunday 11-14 h
Date options: February 9., 10. and 11. 2018; Repetition: June 8., 9. and 10. 2018

6.5 billion People worship God in many ways, but all the ‘human education’ could not establish peace on earth. Countless spiritual and educational concepts aim for fulfillment, but everywhere there is insane collective mental deformation. Something is completely wrong in these concepts. The Schellhammer Institute opens a new path for the archetypal human development.

Seminar 2: Vanguard Archetypal Development

Schellhammer Institute in Cooperation with Schellhammer Business School

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Malformation and its Long Term Effects (Dr. Ed. Schellhammer)
  • Delusion of Public Education and the Destruction of Human Values (Dr. Alina Boukri)
  • Behavioral Regression through Consumerism and Marketing (Evangelos Zographos, MBA)
  • Shaping the 22 Mental Functions for Collective Archetypal Development (Dr. Alina Boukri and DRED)
  • The Archetypal Pyramid for the Development of Human Needs (Evangelos Zographos, MBA)
  • Potentials of Meditation and Dream Interpretation for Development (Dr. Ed. Schellhammer)

3 Days: Arrival Thursday evening; Program: Friday and Saturday 11-18 h, and Sunday 11-14 h
Date options: February 2., 3. and 4. 2018; Repetition: June 1., 2. and 3. 2018