You get the result of 40 years of explorations, research, study, analysis, understanding, and development in order to give the future generations a positive perspective.

For today and tomorrow we need a leadership that is cleansed of prenatal and postnatal conditioning of archaic education, insane ideologies, religious and economic dogma. A leadership that places emphasis on both inner and outer development and accepts that all human systems must be rebuilt based on the Archetypes of the Soul.

The Seminars provide expertise in vanguard human and society development. The modules are for those who want their archetypal personal development and fulfilment and want to contribute for a better world with collective archetypal human development.

  1. Architecture of the Mind; Epigenetic Laws and Mental Inheritances; Pre and Postnatal Life Course.
  2. Humanity, the World-Systems, the Ecosystems; How to Deal with 8-9-10-11-12 Billion Over-Population.
  3. Psychology of Religion vs. Archetypes of the Soul, Dreams and Meditation for Human Development.
  4. The Dire Mess of Badly Prepared Politicians, Analysed under Psychoanalytical and Ethical Criteria.
  5. The Characteristics of Imbalances in the World, the Roots, the Mental Deficiencies, the Rotten souls.
  6. Feasibility of a New World Tomorrow; Aims, Parameters, Strategies, Efficiency, Principles of Changes.

Please note that subjects offered may vary from the published list and are revised periodically to ensure maximum relevance to the related Program.

  • Offered 6 Seminars per year (more in the future, already prepared)
  • Each Seminar: 5 days, Monday to Friday: 10-14 h and 3.30-5.30 h
  • You choose the seminar of your actual interest
  • Total 30 hours per seminar, including discussion, some practical training
  • Realization: Dr Eduard Schellhammer with his expertise team
  • Fees and dates per Seminar on request
  • Occasionally short retreat programs (evening, Saturdays)

Periodic Retreat (Groups) Creates Inner Balance, Strength and Freedom. Breakthrough in the Personal Life Unveils Deeper Divine Meaning. Self-knowledge with Genuine Spirituality for Efficiency and Quality. Catharsis from Prenatal to today Creates new Perspectives towards the Future. With Analysis, Meditation and Dreams. Aim: Archetypal Processes towards Completeness and Fulfilment. Supported with Energy Practices. Connecting with the Inner Source of Life as the most solid Foundation. Individual sessions with Dr Eduard Schellhammer.


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