Embark on a transformative week of exploration and self-discovery. Delve deep into essential topics that will challenge your perspectives and empower you with knowledge to make a positive impact on yourself and the world. We explore the inner workings of the mind, the significance of self-awareness, the power of critical thinking, and the importance of nurturing inner strength.

Join us on a journey that questions the alignment of educational values with our core humanity, challenges the current educational paradigm, and encourages lifelong learning. Together, we’ll navigate the complex world of politics, reflect on the enduring impact of ignorance, and rethink age’s role in learning.

Through these thought-provoking questions, participants will engage in lively debates, self-reflection, and collaborative learning, aiming to reshape the future of education and align it with our core human values.

A program offered from the messenger!


Who am I? What is the meaning of my being? What’s going on inside of me? Why am I suffering? What does this crisis mean? These are just some of the questions we frequently ask, but rarely have answers to. Yet having an answer will enable most of us to find meaning, and well-being in our lives. With this book – ‘The 22 Mental Functions Explored in Detail’ – I am offering you a concentrated presentation of simple and systematic ways to understand your inner experience and put that knowledge to practical use. All of us must learn to explore our mental inner-world, be a part of it and cultivate the inner peace we all seek. Whilst technology offers us convenience and breadth of knowledge it is nevertheless based on a superficial understanding of the human world delivering a rationalistic exchange of information on the one hand and materialistic fulfilment on the other, lacking the necessary depth that can enhance our inner world. Numerous sychosomatic illnesses and psychical problems have a direct relationship with the state of our mental inner-world. The causes are often there. This inner human reality is intangible. My aim with this book is to open a versatile access to this mental inner-world and to make it comprehensible to everyone. Exploring and developing your own 22 mental functions is more important today than ever before. The future of every single person and of humanity depends on this inner development. Because the potential for a new future lies in each one of us.

Most mental functions in prenatal development are interrelated, influence each other and require multiple balance. Already prenatal many developing mental functions are increasingly suffocated, stunted or damaged by the parents, people, social environment, collective stupidity and rigidity, religion, politics, the economy, marketing, and the environment.

The main program of human education is based on a future-oriented educational theory and on an expanded philosophical anthropology. The high value of personality development and Individuation is rolled up from antiquity to the present day and further developed for modern human education. The tailor-made didactics for this constructs the learning steps and all phases of Individuation. A new paradigm for pedagogy and andragogy of the 21st century is designed: Human education through the formation of a comprehensive psycho-spiritual life. A study book for those who want to use the most valuable good of human education in an expert manner.

Become a strong personality! Your journey of self-discovery can start: the plan, the instruments and the aims are determined. Live with efficient methods! Self-education and training of life is the ultimate key for success, happiness, and fulfilment. POWER means: drive, force, ability, energy, strength, performance, potency, authority, eligibility, qualification, rights, mightiness, mastery, and disposal. – How much power do you have to master your life, to live true love and a real relationship, to genuinely develop yourself, to achieve your aims, and to authentically realize yourself? You can live a genuine life with true love! Truly live yourself! You can find your happiness. You can have success. But you need POWER to get it! POWER = Knowledge + Methods.

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