Books to Open Your Eyes by Dr. Schellhammer in English, German and Spanish

New Holy Grail

The Seat of the New Holy Grail

Selected Grail committed Active Membership
for periods of 12 months. Make an offer!
You get the power of 45 years of explorations and fully documented divine guidance.

As a committed member you have a significant voice for the World
in the Development of the Schellhammer Institute and its Programs.

Go the path of your genuine inner Development, also with your dreams and meditation,
with extensive advanced human knowledge, guided by Dr Edward Schellhammer,
aiming superior leadership qualities to guide humanity towards the future!

Eminences of the Holy Grail
Periodic Round Table Meetings
For Elected Experienced Individuals
Rooted in the Archetypes of the Soul

Archetypal Rules for Peace and Justice
Searching for Archetypal Meaning
Understanding Collective Dynamics
Contemplation and Evening Retreat     

A dream told me:
“It can be that I am the last Holy King of Grail on this Planet. It depends on the People.”

With learning about Human Matters and Effects, you become Free!

Knowledge Enhancing. Archetypal Human Principles. For Human Development.
For all the genuine human values. For committed Grail Mission. The Journey to Free Humanity.
Break the unconscious chains! Control knowledge sources and effects!

Access to Modules for committed Grail Members:
With auto-didactic personal elaborations:
State of Humanity. Political Challenges.
Concepts for Changes. Content of Christian Religion.
History of Christian Religion. Psychology of Religion.
‘Religion’ with Evolution (human development).
More Modules in Preparation!

Tailor-made seminars on request.

Periodic Grail Judgement Sessions for the World:
For grave Injustice. For abusive Governance
For the mad Economy. For fabricated Religions
For insufficient Education. For the greedy People
For the coward Masses. For blinded Stupidity
For 5000 years Brainwashing. For soulless Meaning of Life.

Passive, but committed members are invited to participate
with their concerns in the periodic “Global Grail Judgment Declarations”.

Yearly Events. Global Conferences. Political Statements.
Educational words to the World People.
Projects. Collaborations. Donations.

Many of the Schellhammer Books are of vital importance for you and for the world, indispensable for Grail-Membership. You should not participate without having read some of the Schellhammer Books.

Special Facts & News

Here, in this section, the King of the Holy Grail
reports you and the world about unacceptable states of matters
with harsh spiritual consequences if ignored, ridiculed, or perverted.
This can include absence of divine light for up to 200.000 years.

Periodic Grail Judgements:
For grave Injustice
For abusive Governance
For the mad Economy
For fabricated Religions
For insufficient Education
For the greedy People
For the coward Masses
For blinded Stupidity
For 5000 years Brainwashing
For soulless Meaning of Life

Yearly Events
Round Table Meetings
With global Experts
Political Statements
Voice to the People