Get To Know the World Behind What is Visible To Give you a Unique Chance
for Success and Personal Fulfillment Based on the Truth about the Hidden Fundamental Human Realities.

New Holy Grail

The Seat of the New Holy Grail

Life Symbol

Documented with ‘divine power of attorney’ and verified 1000 times we declare:
The Holy Grail Brings more Blessing than all Religions for 10,000 Years.

Selected Grail committed Active Membership available.
You get the power of 45 years of explorations and fully documented guidance.

As a committed member you have a significant voice for the World
in the Development of the Schellhammer Institute and its Programs.

Go the path of your genuine inner development, with advanced human
knowledge, guided by Dr Edward Schellhammer,
for superior leadership.

Periodic ‘round table’ Meetings. For Elected Experienced Individuals.
Personal Development in the Archetypes of the Soul for Peace and Justice.
Understanding Collective Dynamics. Contemplation. Evening Retreat     

Elaborations: State of Humanity. Political Challenges. Concepts for Changes.
Content of Christian Religion. History of Christian Religion. Psychology of Religion.
The New ‘Religion’ with Evolution (archetypal human development).

Grail Judgement Sessions for the World:

For grave Injustice. For abusive Governance. For the mad Economy.
For fabricated Religions. For insufficient Education.
For the greedy People. For the coward Masses. For blinded Stupidity.
For 5000 years Brainwashing. For soulless Meaning of Life.

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