New Education

Some fundamentals every human must learn:

Collective brainwashing has destroyed 90% of mental capacities.
Repeated and contemplated experiences found trust in a person.
People must learn the difference between the truth and delusions.
You must know that even most academics don’t know themselves.
Also very intelligent and educated people live with archaic patterns.
Many authorities are boasters, traitors, false people, seducers, cynics.
Humans cannot trust governance, economics, education, and religion.
Most people do not have a tinny idea what for they are on this planet.

All humans must learn about human matters during their entire life.
All kinds of teachers must practice archetypal personal development.
Public education must include everything people need to reach fulfilment.

The people of the ‘Western World’ have been lied to, betrayed, exploited,
and abused by those in power for 3000 years – today also about Covid-19.

Already from school age the very young must learn the lies and atrocities, also understand the killing and exploitation of large parts of the world for centuries.

The Roman Empire and what it still haunted about it today created a mindset
in people’s brain that can no longer distinguish between lies and the truth.

In all the states of Europe and US imperialism, stinking rot still rules
of ticked off hands, perverse killing rituals, wars, murders, blood, and bones.

People must learn that it has always been and still is today ministers, kings, and rulers, religion and elites, who have created and still create the worst suffering.

Public education is largely a horrific brainwash that does not prepare the people for a constructive management of their life, and inner development for fulfilment.

All of humanity must adopt new ways of meaningful living that respects, lives,
and promotes real human values and principles, and creates global peace.

Humanity must learn about the genuine meaning of their existence.

New understanding of self-knowledge and self-identity
New understanding of dreams and meditation
New understanding of ‘aiming complete fulfilment’
New understanding of archetypal inner strength
New archetypal understanding of ‘spirituality’
New understanding of being a teacher or a scientist
New understanding of the collective unconscious world
New understanding of collective archetypal peace
New archetypal control of governance structures
New archetypal laws to protect babies, children, women
New archetypal laws to protect ‘male-female gender’ nature
New archetypal laws to punish those who commit deicide
New archetypal rules for correct political communication
New archetypal declaration about the use of resources
New archetypal ways of establishing global solidarity
New archetypal motives and rules to create a Baby
New archetypal motives for a woman not to give birth
New archetypal mission for the upcoming generations
New archetypal rules for fast eliminating extreme poverty
New archetypal rules for establishing economic balance
New archetypal rules for resolving tensions and conflicts
New archetypal rules for global disarmament and security

All adults must control authorities and become lifelong responsible for all kinds of human matters, such as health, politics, economy, resources, ecosystems, peace, archetypal spirituality, love, care, truth, development, and genuine meaning of life.

Humanity must become a lifelong learning community.
Learn together with others. Learn by searching meaning.

The World is for those who think and have questions. Absurd Belief
is like Cocaine. Sheep behaviour is soulless. Absence of love is inhuman.

Learn about yourself. Develop yourself. You are your meaning of life.
Live with heart and soul. Practice new ways of thinking, questioning, exploring.
The world is for those who think, have critical questions, and genuine answers.

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Indispensable Reading:

Edward Schellhammer, The Manifesto, pages 112-154. Auch auf deutsch.