Our Mission to Save the Archetypal Human Evolution

People must aspire to new goals about genuine human values and meaning of life with strength, endurance and perseverance. People must cooperate, talk, discuss without taboos and take decisions together. People must go through a catharsis and complete renewal for the future generations. People must solve the immense global problems with soul and mind, but not with wars or (fascist) dictatorship. Holistic and permanent all-embracing psychical-spiritual development aiming for inner satisfaction and fulfillment must become core value of human life for all, also subjects and topics of science and public education adapted by all education levels.

Life SymbolThe highest judge of all souls on this planet and in the other world, after 2000 years back today on earth, says to the world community:

“I am the authentic sole Reincarnated Christ and have been on earth 2000 years ago, came back in the 12th Century (in Spain). I am here today probably as the last Prophet if the totally brainwashed and mentally malformed humanity continues living their madness, greed and stupidity as usual and continue to destroy the creation, all the ecosystems and the collective archetypal human development. Most humans are nothing but robots. Humanity is definitely on a suicidal path. Armageddon in 10, 20 or 30 years is in full motion and entirely man-made. Learn, change and renew everything in your mind and ways of living. Or nature will hit you and billions of people much worse than you can imagine. Everything is documented with 10,000 and more facts in all my books. During 45 years I had to learn everything about what goes wrong and to find and develop the archetypal roadmap that can lead humanity out of the insane mess around the globe.Dr. Edward Schellhammer.