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All the so-called Kings and Queens today with their crown are in the spiritual sense a sham. There has been no archetypal “King of the Holy Grail” on earth since a very long time. Global leadership of public and commercial enterprises has proven to be ineffective, cynical and in some cases purely corrupt. Unable to meet the needs of the people and incapable of dealing with the many challenges that humanity will face. Anybody with a bit of common sense and awareness knows the threats.

Mentoring for Global Leadership

The Mentoring Program offered by the Schellhammer Institute is aimed at a new breed of mentally healthy outstanding leaders and managers. Focused on a new global codex for the entire humanity and a new healthy world. The Schellhammer Institute aims to mentor the next generation of leaders with high global responsibilities beyond academic standards.

The aim of the Schellhammer Institute is to radically change archaic concepts of leadership by training and mentoring the next generation of global leaders. A mentorship program that offers comprehensive and authentic, leadership seminars, spiritually founded, human focused and fit to address the future global challenges.

Dr. Schellhammer says: “40 years of pioneering explorations were necessary to give you today what I have achieved” adding that “3,000 dreams about God, the Creation, the other world, and the archetypal human development” were needed to get here. And today, “20,000 dreams about the state of humanity, the world, the planet and the people’s future”. Many books by Schellhammer guide the path; some small, some big, some very big, and others a good size and easy to read.

Humanity, the World and the Planet is at Stake

A Unique Mentorship Program

The Schellhammer Institute ‘Mentoring Program’ is not just another leadership program based on common and outdated theories that promise to instantly convert anyone into an aspiring leader, yet consistently fail to deliver. Neither is it for those aspiring leaders that seek instant solutions to the many current and future challenges facing humanity.

The Schellhammer Institute ‘Mentoring Program’ builds a new generation of leaders around the globe; for the future generations. The strength of our programs is rooted in a global network of archetypal human values.

Mentoring for Global Changes
Journey for Superior Human Values

Alternative Leadership for the Future
Mission in the Service of Humanity
Superior Collective Responsibilities
Characteristics of the Human Mission
Elaborations and Building up Strength
Thorough Analysis of Facts and Meaning
Strength, Tools, Aims, Skills, Strategies

Who is This Mentorship Program For?

A completely thorough mentoring program for those facing demanding challenges and seeking highest aims for their life and the collective future:

Perhaps you are in political career and want to find ways to deal with 9-10-12bn people. Or you are engaged in an NGO and search for solutions about contamination around the globe. You ask yourself: Is there a human made Climate Change? Or is it all disinformation and deviation?

There is a massive over-exploitation of resources. You want to find ways for solutions. You want a better education with complex learning that nurtures all mental functions. You want to learn how to tie back to the pre and postnatal principles of development. All humans accumulate experiences; you want to know how to clean-up this biography.

You realize: Words have lost their genuine meaning and value for managing life. You want changes. You want to implement constructive media information for improving mental strength. You want to find back to the genuine ‘Human Values’ and their importance for a meaningful life. You also want to implement new rules for constructive and truthful political communication.

Your aims include: to develop new structures for peaceful global cooperation and societies. You want to learn about ‘Archetypal Human Development’, the principles of human life. You want to implement historic reconciliation between all power structures and certainly you want to implement a new governance and state administration that serves the people.

You want leadership concepts that promote peace, hope, justice and balance. You want an archetypal concept of personal development that leads to fulfilment. Behind religious motives is an unsolved problem; which you want to understand and dissolve. You want to implement protection of all people: babies, children, women, and all people. You also want to implement a public education that unveils all the historic lies and cheat.

All this and much more you can learn with personalized mentoring at Schellhammer Institute. At the heart of this program is the Schellhammer concept of “Individuation”, a path leading to vanguard leadership aspirations. Starting with Archetypal transformations and personal mental expansions. Fundamental aim is to build up spiritual mission of different kinds with an ethics rooted in prenatal and early childhood mental health.

Always focused on human values and wisdom oriented; with respect for the resources, the ecosystems, the world of the species, and constantly guided and nurtured from the “Inner Spirit” and the source of divinity each human has inside (meditation, dreams).

Mentorship Program Tools

Mental Training, Analysis, Contemplation, Meditation, Dreams, Individuation, Biographical Elaborations, Catharsis.

Individual Mentoring or in Groups

Training with Dr Eduard Schellhammer is offered as one-week individual programs; 2-4 times per year and one-week group programs; 3 times per year.

Mentorship Program Aims & Objectives

To become the voice and spirit of change giving humanity a new voice and perspective. Billions of humans need the right guidance with the right leaders that are cleansed from their own entire past. Schellhammer states: “Everything must be rebuilt with the Spirit of the ‘Archetypes of the Soul’: Politics, economics, banking, education, religions, lifestyle, justice, security, core human meaning, balance and peace for global human development.”

The Mentorship Programs with Dr Schellhammer focus on building up holistic strength with expertise knowledge and highly developed mental functions. An essential aspect is on how to contribute to the management and solutions for national, international and global criticalities with deep down ‘archetypal human values.’

In contrast to Mentoring for Business, Career, and Leadership, there is also a kind of Mentoring especially for Psychologists, Humanistic Psychotherapists, and Clinical Psychotherapists, called “Control-analysis”.


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