Get To Know the World Behind What is Visible To Give you a Unique Chance
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The Seat of the Holy Grail offers the Mentoring for a new Parallel UN for the World

The ‘Parallel UN’ in each country controls the activities of the big
financial systems, sanctions, accusations, breaks of constitutions,
lies, manipulations, propaganda, corruption, and breaks of laws.

The time has come to build a network of a new global spiritual call and control for human development. The mistaken sick elites, leaders and people must know the Archetypal Prophecy for Humanity. Mature experts in all countries must control authorities and be responsible for health, politics, economy, banking, resources, ecosystems, peace, spirituality, love, care, truth, development, and archetypal meaning of life.

The Parallel UN controls absolutely all activities of the Governments,
of the state administration, the finances, and of the activities for peace.
The Parallel UN informs the people weekly about their activities and results.

A new global shadow management of the world is the only way out of the global mess.
A new global “Free Nations” must confront the UN with the ‘Archetypal Values of the Soul’.
A new definition and foundation of “Human Values” must be spread all-over the world.
A new system of reliable and solidary leaders with a healthy mind and soul must cover leadership.
A new understanding of humans, human development and human life must nurture the world.
A new understanding of the interrelations between planet and humanity must create balance.
A new understanding of parental and public education must connect with the world and people.
A new understanding of pre and postnatal influences with all the consequences must be adapted.
A new understanding of managing business and economy requires strong rules for balance.
A new understanding of governance, democracy, and leading folks is indispensable and urgent.
A new understanding of religion with the ‘laws’ about ‘back-bonding to the beginning’ is required.
A new way of thinking and understanding of the meaning everywhere must guide the world.
A core group of élites, leaders, and candidates of leadership must nurture global awareness.

The Archetypal Prophecy authentically documents in short words the inner development
of the new Prophet for humanity, the Reincarnated Christ, alive today on earth.
Ignore him and his messages and humanity will never again get a Prophet on this planet.

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Humanity, the World, and the Planet is at Stake

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