The Archetypal Journey for Humanity

Individuation is the genuine development for inner fulfilment.

Live your inner Journey and become responsible for love and care,
for the truth, for peace, spirituality, and the archetypal meaning of life.

Schellhammer Institute offers the Individuation Program:

Si builds up Individuals for archetypal human development:
We elaborate together in individual sessions your rich potential inner worlds:
Life course elaboration, inner catharsis, pre- and postnatal, cultural influences.
Perception, magic thinking, meaning, looking behind, critical thinking, questioning.
Self-knowledge, genuine self-identity, rules, ethics, justice, and love for humanity.
Strengthening and expanding the 22 mental functions, rooted in the inner journey.
Practical back-bonding to the roots, cleansed mind, human values, and the creation.
With dreams, meditation, self-analysis, and advanced psychological knowledge.

Schellhammer Institute also offers individual Mentoring Program:

Aims, steps, balance, peace, wisdom, collective unconscious, and the mind. At the heart of this program is the Schellhammer concept of “Individuation”, a path leading to vanguard leadership aspirations. Starting with Archetypal transformations and personal mental expansions. Building up spiritual mission with an ethics rooted in prenatal and postnatal health. Always focused on human values, and wisdom oriented; with respect for the resources, the ecosystems, and constantly guided and nurtured from the “Inner Spirit” and the source of divinity.

Sessions with Dr Schellhammer: on request.
Accommodation available. Location: 20 minutes’ drive from Marbella.
(Next to Schellhammer Business School)

Schellhammer Institute offers Seminars for Institutions (topics as requested)

The Schellhammer Seminars provide expertise in archetypal vanguard society development and epigenetics of humanity. The seminars about future challenges are for those who want to contribute for a better world. You get the result of 45 years of explorations, research, study, analysis, understanding, and development to give the future generations a positive perspective. Our understanding of a “Reset” of the world: Everything must be rebuilt with the Spirit of the ‘Archetypes of the Soul’: Politics, economics, banking, education, lifestyle, justice, security, core human meaning, balance, and peace for human development. It is all about new learning, new understanding, and new meaning!

Our individual Mentoring and our Seminars are not just another career program based on common and outdated theories that promise to instantly convert anyone into an aspiring leader, yet consistently fail to deliver. Neither is it for those aspiring leaders that seek instant solutions to the many current and future challenges (e.g., the 18 global threats) facing humanity. For today and tomorrow we need a leadership that is cleansed of prenatal and postnatal conditioning of archaic education, insane ideologies, religious and economic dogma. A leadership that places emphasis on both inner and outer development and accepts that all human systems must be rebuilt based on the Archetypes of the Soul.

A new global shadow management of the world is the only way out of the global mess.
A new global “Free Nations” must confront the UN with the ‘Archetypal Values of the Soul’.
A new definition and foundation of “Human Values” must be spread all-over the world.
A new system of reliable and solidary leaders with a healthy mind and soul must cover leadership.
A new understanding of humans, human development and human life must nurture the world.
A new understanding of the interrelations between planet and humanity must create balance.
A new understanding of parental and public education must connect with the world and people.
A new understanding of pre and postnatal influences with all the consequences must be adapted.
A new understanding of managing business and economy requires strong rules for balance.
A new understanding of governance, democracy, and leading folks is indispensable and urgent.
A new understanding of religion with the ‘laws’ about ‘back-bonding to the beginning’ is required.
A new way of thinking and understanding of the meaning everywhere must guide the world.
A core group of élites, leaders, and candidates of leadership must nurture global awareness.

Humanity, the World, and the Planet is at Stake

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