When a man and a woman engage in a sexual union, the fusion of sperm and egg marks the inception of a developing human being. This becomes visibly apparent after approximately 2-3 months, culminating in the birth of a baby after about 9 months. It’s a remarkable testament to human power—the ability to create life, with all its profound consequences. Regrettably, this gift is often squandered due to a lack of consciousness and thoughtful consideration.


Many individuals traverse life with little contemplation, bearing minimal responsibility for their actions. They dwell in a state of mental inertia, marked by laziness, ignorance, and inattentiveness. It’s astonishing how the creation of a human life can occur unintentionally or even recklessly. This is where the tragedy unfolds: even the least informed person can bring a new life into existence simply through the act of procreation.


Consider, for a moment, the marvels of human development that begin long before birth. From the placement of hands, ears, and legs to the formation of eyes, nose, hair, and even the positioning of essential bodily functions—the intricate process of embryonic development is a gift beyond measure. Yet, these wonders often go unnoticed and unappreciated.


The act of incarnation is bestowed upon us by an inexplicable spiritual force. Consequently, the responsibility for a child, extending from prenatal care to at least 16-18 years post-birth, falls upon the parents—a formidable task, often accompanied by substantial financial burdens. The impact on infants, children, adolescents, and young adults is profound, if not tackled correctly the effects can be  catastrophic.


Far too many people live without deep contemplation. Early in life, the absence of critical thinking and introspection takes root. While many may exclaim over the sweetness of a baby, few ponder the future, the unfolding journey of life, and, most importantly, the deeper purpose of bringing a human into existence. Surprisingly, this profound question remains unanswered, even by a multitude of individuals. Shouldn’t we support people in their inner development?


Four to five decades ago, people in the Western world at least considered the risks and implications of procreation. However, the initial joy of parenthood often wanes as the responsibilities become burdensome. Globally, the state of public education and parental responsibility has led to a dismal state of affairs—a lifetime of subpar education and widespread ignorance.


New lives are often conceived thoughtlessly, driven by pure ego or narcissism, despite the absence of adequate resources for the short, medium, and long term. Sadly, many don’t comprehend the true meaning of “nurturing.” Often, grandparents step in, providing financial aid and sometimes misguided advice for 18 years. The real challenge for a growing human begins with their first day of elementary school, lasting for 6, 8, or even 12 years.


A closer look at countries like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Spain reveals a trend of procreation by individuals with limited mental capacity, often insufficient education, and a lack of prior preparation. State schools perpetuate outdated educational methods, influenced by government propaganda that amounts to little more than brainwashing. The impotence of complacency is evident.


Generations have failed to learn from the past. The “spiritual gift” remains largely undervalued. People continue to engage in conflict, whether at the governmental, economic, educational, or religious level. Greed, exploitation, power struggles, violence, and fear persist, leaving us to question the necessity of it all. Do we require such division?


On a positive note, a billion people possess the power to prevent wars and promote global peace, allowing for the growth of a new humanity grounded in the archetypes of the soul. This transition necessitates open dialogue—for at least 30 years. Is it right to deny this gift to anyone


Reconnection signifies a lifelong journey of development and self-improvement. It’s crucial never to lose touch with our inner selves, continually expanding, enriching, and taking responsibility for our existence. Failure to do so can lead to psychosis, deceit, delusions, falsehoods, self-denial, immaturity, and submission. In essence, individuals who neglect lifelong learning and the pursuit of meaningful knowledge risk losing their true selves and their inner wisdom.


It took me 50 years to recognize the fallacies of organized religion. Countless dreams guided me in this revelation over decades. It is now undeniable that politics, economics, religion, and education are riddled with corruption, distortion, deceit, and a lack of soul. Daily political propaganda has stripped us of our inner values, resulting in a never-ending cycle of war for the past 70-100 years.


The archaic rulers and deities of the past must fade into obscurity. The age of archetypal gifting, as described earlier, must evolve into a period of elevated education and responsibility for all of humanity. The new archetypal spirit must usher in an era that fosters the robust mental capacities of every individual.


Everyone must adopt values that encourage fresh perspectives and a quest for knowledge. The core of our existence should be our inner humanity, characterized by profound talents, potential, critical thinking, dedication, artistry, and creativity in harmony with the planet that sustains us. Lifelong learning and continuous personal development in various fields—thinking, questioning, exploring, seeking, and living in harmony with deep spiritual values—such as self-identity, nature, joy, trust, honesty, respect, truthfulness, security, and care—are vital.


Living in this world is a gift that requires a lifetime of refinement and learning. Continuous growth is the path to fulfillment. Nurturing our social environment fosters humanity, a task that demands various forms of education. People should never cease their quest for knowledge, persistently evolving from their inner selves to discover fulfillment. Each person charts their unique inner path, sometimes in solitude and sometimes in the company of others, in alignment with their surroundings. The goal is to become an authentic individual, attain wisdom, and let it flourish.


The New Archetypal Age signifies the end of war and conflict potential within a decade. Over the next 50-100 years, structures, laws, and agreements will be modernized, aligning with justice, human circumstances, and the prevailing spirit. It’s essential to address the suffering and filth accumulated over thousands of years. Humanity needs global re-evaluation.


This is the Archetypal Reset that heralds a New Age. It’s a collective effort. The American government, alongside NATO, has committed numerous crimes over decades, resulting in senseless deaths and immense mourning. The solution lies in comprehensive lifelong education in all aspects of our lives.


Never forget: the roots of “Deicide” free will and choice are ancient and religious, spanning over 3,000 years. Whether it’s one nuclear bomb or ten, the onus of peace rests upon the people—globally.