Human Life Begins with "Reconnection"

Human Life Begins with “Reconnection”

When a woman and man have sex, sperm and egg unite, then the beginning of a developing human being occurs. After about 2-3 months this becomes visible. After about 9 months the baby is born. The fact is, humans have immense power. Man can create a human life with all the consequences. Too many people spoil this gift through lack of spirit and thinking.

A lot of people think nothing. They are not responsible for their actions. They live in mental absence, in laziness, stupidity, and absence of mind. It is amazing how it can happen to intentionally let such an emerging human arise and become, even in stupidity. This is where the tragedy happens: the dumbest person can create a person, simply with sex.

With a few examples we recognize, for example, already before birth: The hands are well placed, also the ears, the legs, the eyes, the nose, the hair, the anus, the mouth, and imagine, your anus is on the back, behind the head, on one leg, or in the front of the neck, even in the mouth, and this also with 3 intestinal outlets. What an immeasurable gift man and woman receive! Nobody thinks about it.

The incarnation is given to us by an inexplicable spiritual force. Having a child through this process inevitably becomes our responsibility, prenatal and for at least 16-18 years; often beyond. A complex job for mother and father! And it’s always expensive. But the impact on babies, children, young people and adolescents is enormous, not to say catastrophic.

Many people think little or nothing. Very early in life, the lack of thinking and questioning wins: “What a sweet baby,” they say. But who thinks of the future, of growing life, and especially: What is the deepest meaning of creating a human life? I’ve asked a hundred and more people: nobody knows! Shouldn’t one also support people in their inner development?

40-50 years ago men and women had at least thought about the risks and consequences of procreation, at least in the west. But usually the sweet baby soon becomes a burden, because the responsibility is increasingly annoying. Seen globally, in the public school and in the responsibility of the parents, we recognize a catastrophic, poor national education and this for a lifetime – and worldwide.

An expectant human being is conceived thoughtlessly, out of pure “EGO or narcissism”, although all the resources are missing in the short, medium and long term. Most people don’t even know what “nourishing” means. Mostly grandparents help, financially, some with stupidity, for 18 years. The really big problem for the growing human only begins with the first elementary school, 6-8-12 years.

Observed in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain, it is recognizable that the producers have little mental capacity, are only poorly educated themselves, rarely with previous good education, and everywhere poor state schools in the spirit of the pre- and post-war period, always stupid by the state propaganda which produces almost 100% only brainwashing. Recognize the impotence of cowardice!

Millennial people have learned nothing. The “spiritual gift” never has any value. People like to go to war – against each other. At all levels of government, the economy, schooling, and religion, it is always about greed and business, robbery, power, killing, murdering, subjugating, destroying, fearing and panicking. Do we need LGBT? “Take away the present?”

Seen positively: 1 billion people have the power to prevent all wars and create peace worldwide, so that all newborns and adolescents create peace and within 30 years a new humanity in the spirit of the archetypes of the soul can develop for all people. Everyone has to talk to each other – for at least 30 years! Do you have to take away the gift from everyone?

Reconnection means: All human development always requires a healthy “reconnection” to develop further, for a lifetime. Humans should never lose their connection, but should always periodically expand, enrich, develop, learn, think, question, build something new and take total responsibility for themselves; also about your own inner being and decision.

You could also say: “Those who lose the connection end up in psychosis, in lies, in illusions, in falsehood, in self-denial, in infantility, and in submission.” These people have to deny themselves more and more, because they shame themselves in their stupidity. Put simply, if you don’t spend a lifetime reading books of intrinsic value, you lose your inner self and your spirit.

It took me 50 years to understand “false religion”. Thousands of dreams have guided me in this matter for decades. Undoubtedly, it must be concluded that politics, economics, religion, and education is corrupt, distorted, mendacious, soulless. Daily political propaganda has lost all inner values. That’s why we all have a horrible war for about 70-100 years.

The rulers and gods of archaic times must perish. The archetypal age of the divine gift, as described above, which we have all received, must be transformed into high education and responsibility for all people worldwide. The new archetypal spirit must open up an era that promotes and further develops the healthy mental capacities of all people.

All people must learn and live the values ​​that encourage new thinking and new questioning. The new focus and core of being is the inner humanity. There are immense talents, potentials, thinking abilities, dedication abilities, music, art, and creativity in connection with the planet that nourishes us. All people need to learn and develop all sorts of skills. All people have to educate themselves and constantly develop throughout their lives: thinking, questioning, exploring, searching, and living with the deep spiritual values ​​of humanity: such as self-identity, nature, joie de vivre, trust, honesty, respect, truthfulness, security, and care.

Being in the world is a gift and requires a lifetime of training. Learning again and again is the way to fulfilment. Taking care of the social environment creates humanity. This always requires training of all kinds. People should never stop learning, continue to develop from their inner being in order to find fulfilment. Every person lives their own inner path, partly alone, partly together with others, appropriate to their own environment. Everyone should become an authentic person, find wisdom and let it arise.

The New Archetypal Age: Wars and war potentials will be abolished within 10 years. All structures, laws and contracts are modernized over the course of 50-100 years, adapted to the spirit, justice and human circumstances. All the filth and immense suffering from thousands of years must be cleaned up. Humanity must be reinterpreted worldwide!

This is the Archetypal Reset to create the New Age. Everyone has to work on it. The American government in conjunction with NATO have committed untold crimes for decades. Millions have been senselessly slaughtered. Millions are still mourning. There is only one solution: train all people thoroughly, throughout their lives, in all relevant areas of life.

Never forget: The roots of “deicide” are religious, i.e., about 3,000 years old. It doesn’t matter whether a nuclear bomb or 10 bombs are detonated, or even more. The people themselves must become the authorities of peace – worldwide.

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