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Dedicated to Archetypal Human Development for a Free World
Dr Eduard Schellhammer, Swiss, Sotogrande, Spain, June 2020

  • Open Letter addressed to all of humanity increasingly facing existential threats
  • Open Letter to discover the meaning of Archetypal Human Development
  • Open Letter with 26 “Dynamic Duties” for Archetypal Human Development
  • Open Letter to all those who want to help build a better world
  • Open Letter to create the “New Holy Grail”

This Letter will be revised yearly. Members can contribute with their expertise.

How I started on the journey to help save humanity from itself

It was in 1973 and based on reading the first report from the Club of Rome, “The Limits of Growth” (1972), that I started this journey to continuously explore, study and analyse the development of all relevant global parameters and how these impact on humanity’s future. To understand the increasing threats, the causes, the mess we humans have created all around this planet, and to find possible solutions for the many ‘Global Threats’ facing humanity today and tomorrow.

For decades, I have collected more than 30,000 facts that reveal how our past and present actions on this planet and behaviour towards each other are now converging to create a global disaster of epic proportions, presenting humanity with a very bleak future indeed.

This has been a heavy burden, often emotionally draining, but from a scientific point of view always remarkably interesting. Many of my books open and address these issues, always with an extremely critical approach.

After a successful university career in Zurich, the day came when my dreams called on me repeatedly to take my genuine journey.  I accepted this inner call and have until today an estimated total of 20,000 dreams about humanity and the mess on this planet; 3,000 dreams about God, the “other world” and the reason why we were placed here on this planet. All my explorations are documented in my books.

What follows are 26 of what I call “Dynamic Duties”, why because it is all of our duty to build a better world, you can call them goals, objectives, aims, rules but what you cannot do is ignore the solutions and hope that these, offer to change the current human path to misery for you and your current and future descendants.

Dynamic Duty 1: “The Meaning of Life”

“Why are we on this planet?”, is the fundamental question of all humans! But nobody gives them a genuine, truthful, comprehensible, reproducible, and meaningful answer that promotes archetypal development. Here, we give you the eternally valid genuine answer based on dreams (listening to the unconscious) rational and critical thinking (acting on the conscious) and refining the natural mechanisms of human development avoiding regression and advancing towards evolution and progression for fulfilment.

Dynamic Duty 2: How to Find the Truth

It is up to you and everybody else, to reflect on the destruction all around, its causes, the mess everywhere, to hone the 22 mental functions that are 90% globally ignored or misled, malformed, perverted, brainwashed or lying dormant. It is your job to now find the genuine archetypal meaning of human development. We reveal some answers here, but everybody must read and learn much more. You will never find the truth without critical thinking and focusing on your own archetypal inner development. Books from Dr Eduard Schellhammer give the right guidance, but that is just the start of a lifelong journey of discovery and development.

Dynamic Duty 3: The Biggest Threat to Humanity are Human Beings

The world population growth is increasing rapidly and projected to reach 11-12bn this century. This will cause a complete mental degeneration of humanity. Total subjugation and misery will shrink mental capacities. It is an inevitable conclusion to a grossly overpopulated planet.

All ecosystems upon which humanity depends on, are already irreparably damaged by some 65%, and millions of species humans depend on are either already extinguished or facing extinction.

Nurturing human values will be lost for centuries as global political hate speech, actions and inevitable wars threaten all life as stone-age conditions return with unimaginable suffering and pain.

The worlds current systems of governance, politics, the economy, science, mass media, knowledge, education, health, and religion armed with fragile and archaic knowledge are unable to manage these increasing global threats.

Most political leaders are trapped in their own dogmatic mental prison not only ignoring inherited mistakes but constantly repeating them. For millenniums governance always repeats the same horrendous mistakes, unwilling to perform their public duty, change and plot a new course for……from this there is never a way out except to accept real change and collectively embrace the genuine archetypal meaning of human growth and development.

Dynamic Duty 4: Human Development Started of Wrong 20,000 Years Ago

50 years of Expertise in Education, Psychology, and Psychology of Religion unveils: there is no way out of this cul-de-sac of our own creation!

  • 2 to 2.4 billion Christians, 1.5 to 1.8 billion Muslims plus other religions………. all failed.
  • Spiritual teachings, over one billion atheists, countless rulers and systems………. all failed.
  • Millions of politicians, millions of economists, millions of public schools…………. all failed.
  • Most academic education, millions of thinkers, millions of scientists……….………. all failed.
  • Most CEOs, managers, business innovators, bankers, media owners……….………. all failed.
  • Billions of individuals, billions of parents for billions of generations…………………. all failed.

Dynamic Duty 5: Needs and Wants

A lot of people want a job, a salary, an apartment or house, a car, mobile phone, healthy food, education, cruise ship holidays, traveling, holidays by the sea, fun on weekends, and so on.

Every human has needs and personal wants. But what happens when the wants exceed the needs? When material possessions become an obsession, when everywhere people lie and live a soulless life with delusional expectations that morph into aggressive behaviour based on the superficiality of who is the most beautiful, the best, the strongest or richest?

But this time is soon coming to an end: Half of the world population lives with weak working conditions. Numerous data and reports indicate that within 5-8 years nearly a billion jobs will be lost due to the robot industry. Robots to produce more stuff at a cheaper rate and feed the endless wants of humans.

This relentless pursuit of wanting more and more does not only hurt the psyche but with increasing contamination, our psychical health is also at stake. Estimates show that more than half of the world population could die of cancer – or due to the cocktail of a hundred toxins.

This must surely end in a nightmare. It will not take 10 years, not 20 years; and there will not be the bright future that the young generation dream about today.

There is only one constructive option for the future of humanity: Listen to your inner call and learn how to manage your genuine inner development.

Dynamic Duty 6: The First Change for Everybody is all About Self-Education

You and 3-4 billion people more can change the world for the better with drastic changes within 3-5 years, if you are interested in a good future for yourself and future generations.

  • Learn, to read, and to study a lot of valuable knowledge.
  • Discover and constructively develop your 22 mental functions.
  • Cleanse your mind from all the mass media brainwashing, fabrications, and lies.
  • Live with the rhythm of your body, mind, and soul, and the principles of nature.
  • Critically question and understand the meaning of everything in life.
  • Find creative ways of living with the values of love, care, and responsibility.
  • Seek and strengthen your ‘inner self’, your inner source of life.
  • Compel yourself every year to make an inner catharsis, during the entire life.
  • Learn how to contribute for a better social and personal life.


  • People must reshape their undeveloped, stunted, and malformed mind.
  • People must integrate their inner genuine call for the core meaning of life.
  • People must listen to their dreams and learn to interpret them correctly.
  • People must learn to create an evolving future also for the next generations.
  • People must clean the global mess but first the mess in their own inner life.
  • People must create small communities everywhere to share human values.


Dynamic Duty 7: We are a Social Species from Prenatal to Postnatal Time

  • We need social interactions, nearness with the beloved ones, and friends.
  • We especially protect children, adolescents, elderly and the very old.
  • We reject all kind of hoaxes, anti-social, cynical, cheating, and lying manipulations.
  • We reject the dogmatic concepts of socialism, communism, anti-democracy, fundamentalism.
  • We reject hostile political party concepts and narcissistic demarcations.
  • We reject religion and spiritual concepts that ignore the Archetypal inner Development.
  • We reject warmongering, sanctions, political threats, and especially wars.
  • We reject religions based on myths, delusions, hype, brainwashing, and subordination.

Dynamic Duty 8: Urgent Pre and Postnatal Development

Positive prenatal influences predetermine the positive development of mental functions.  The more a foetus is accepted with its unique character and emotional state, the more the foetus will love life. Love is the supreme key for the development of a foetus (later also of a baby, child, and teenager). Love wants to develop life. Human life needs love for development. Absence of nurturing, care, and love leads to stunted mental functions already before birth; mostly irreparable. Humanity’s capacity to love, prenatal and postnatal, is operating globally at a maximum 3-5% of its full capacity.

Dynamic Duty 9: Mass Population of People is a Problem

The problem is 8, 9, 10, and growing to 11 and 12 billion people with immense needs and wants.
We cannot accept that 80% of infantile people with low mental capacities destroy the planet.
We cannot accept that in many areas the masses of people destroy divine human evolution.
We cannot allow that 65-75% of the population drags the rest of mankind into the abyss.
We cannot allow that 95% of the world population are cowards in vital matters of freedom.
We need a concept that is humane but reduces the negative externalities of these masses.
We cannot allow that stupid talkers, big headed, cowards and narcissistic people rule the world.

Dynamic Duty
10: The Mission of Human Development is at Stake

Nobody wants to listen unless one has nuclear bombs or special magic powers.
If nobody wants to learn and implement strong changes, then the human race is at high danger.
Humanity must learn fast to reduce wants and movements, and to focus on basic life.
Humanity must learn very fast to focus strongly on archetypal human development.
To understand and manage ones’ archetypal personal development is globally crucial.
People must focus on their inner needs and nurture them with the right education.
The genuine value is what people do, how they live, how they manage their responsibility.
A sick and fabricated religion makes people sick and unredeemed for their entire life.
Armageddon is not a “divine punishment”, it is human made; humans are responsible.

Do not ever underestimate the power of those who have billions of dollars at their disposal.

Those who rule the world with the power of money and always want absolute domination.

Everybody should rapidly wake up.

Dynamic Duty 11: An Urgent Call to Manage the 18 Global Threats

In many of the books from Dr Eduard Schellhammer all ‘Global Threats’ are profoundly explored.
These are the unstoppable global threats in short key-words:

World population growth, contamination, destroyed ecosystems, waste, sewage, elimination of millions of species, scarcity of vital resources, climate change, destroyed soil (agriculture), toxins for poultry, fish, and animal farms, economic imbalance (poverty, hunger), increasing elimination of all human values, the absence of genuine human development, contaminated seas, oceans, water resources, wars, nuclear technology, unemployment, increase of armaments, total control of people, health issues, political incapacities, mindless ego-centred rigid governance, brainwashing and propaganda, mindless and spiritless people, people with complete mental malformation, the cynicism in many governments and fields of leadership.

Global threats are not simply a ‘problem’. These threats are human made and express the collective sum of underdeveloped humans and their mental functioning: a very primitive collective status.

The world population cannot simply say that to clean the mess is a matter of governance; in other words, that the government must solve the global threats. People must solve the mess.

Without any doubt, the entire world population must reduce their contribution to the threats with up to 50% reduction through changes to a modern lifestyle and unlimited freedoms.

Dynamic Duty 12: New Lifestyles and New Learning for Inner Development

For several decades, the world has been informed many times from many scientific sources about the increasing global threats. Nobody cared. Still today the masses of people as well as the economy, industry, and the political systems ignore these global threats.

We too, started informing the world 40 years ago about all the global threats that will have effects much worse than everybody would want to imagine. We informed countless times about the increase of global threats. Until today, nobody wanted to listen.

All these critical parameters increase and expand with every year and there are countless interrelations between these parameters. The soon to reach 8 billion people will plunder the planet. Industry exploits the planet. Whilst global contamination increases dramatically year after year.

The entire world population is a mad, stupid, blinded, greedy mass of archaic humans with mindless rulers and greedy exploiters of nature. These masses destroy everything that nature and cultures throughout the globe have created over thousands of years. Something is going wrong with education.

These global threats put the world increasingly with every year that passes in danger. The time will come, when anybody that rejects behaviour for renewal of the world will be put in controlled correction and educational living areas. These global threats can decimate humanity down to 2-3bn people if we are lucky if not these could spell the end of humanity.

An all-encompassing new education from pre-school up to secondary, high school, business schools and universities, in all fields including humanities and psychology must shape a generation of new humans.

Dynamic Duty 13: Do not Create a Baby if your Resources are Scarce

  • Do not create a baby if you are not well prepared for this, emotionally or economically
  • Do not ever force kids to practice “social distancing” (the damages will be lifelong)
  • Daily hygiene in every appropriate context is super important
  • Drastically reduce traveling for fun; reduce unnecessary long-distance travel
  • Drastically reduce your wants that do not create valuable meaning
  • Focus on wants with long-term sustainability
  • Contribute to the values of love, care, and responsibility
  • Strongly focus on life-long learning as a part of your new lifestyle
  • Use your car only when you really need it, very limitedly for fun
  • Start a vegetable garden in your back yard or on your terrace
  • Connect weekly with nature: sea, mountain, walking areas, plants, etc.
  • Avoid big cities and mega cities (toxins): these kill love, mind, health, and soul
  • Move to the countryside, focus on farming, produce something, learn to love life
  • Find your ways to live a meaningful life for genuine archetypal development

Strengthen your mind, build up a strong self-identity, become decisive in daily matters, do sport, read a lot about understanding yourself, spend time with your partner, kids, and loved ones for a deeper understanding.

Either humanity composes freely a flexible but strong new way of living with the Archetypes of the Soul, with all the precious human values, or, in 10-20 years you will wish not to be alive.

Dynamic Duty 14; New Breed of Leaders Required

To manage the 18 global threats (see on our website), leaders in governance, politics, economy, education, and religion must be replaced within the next few years by men and women with the most advanced education that includes the concept of archetypal human development.

The innumerable number of agents working in governmental structures have never been responsible or know how to deal with the negative externalities, especially caused by the systems of resources, economy, and industry.

Economies must re focus to produce in regional areas for local needs and much less for global wants. Transport activities must be drastically reduced and limited for long distance movements.

The world needs a new breed of trained leaders and experts with civic responsibilities rather than get rich aspirations. All governments today are called upon to start with the global repair program for all kinds of damages in all systems of nature and man.

People in all countries must choose candidates that will take on this repair job with responsibility into their hand. Global repair of the mess requires global limitation of long-distance radius-movements (travel).

Dynamic Duty 15: There is no Natural Law that Wars are Part of Human Life

The absolute infantile hate-speech language today, especially in Western governance and in general in the western world of politics (political parties) and mass media must immediately stop.

We observed in political discourses (speeches) that governance and the political agents talk with cynicism and mockery towards other agents (political opponents); always act in a ‘we are better than you’ way.

The spread around the world of military power, of brainless threats, and the endless games with sanctions must stop – immediately!

Wars are the result of uneducated leaders and incompetent governance. All armies must go back to their places of origin in their own country. That is a prerequisite to start a new peaceful Age for humanity.

  • New governance must find other ways to secure trade routes and to share appropriately the resources of soil, land, and sea with all nations.
  • Such a program would need a professional preparation of new ways of governance, of the leaders and political agents, and training for appropriate ways of negotiating.
  • This could be a 2-year academic or non-academic program for people above age 28 up to age 55. Most leaders on all stages and fields still operate like Neanderthals.
  • If the political agents do not learn new ways of dealing with the people and the world, they must be put out of business for the rest of their life. People must take politics under their control.

Dynamic Duty 16: We Argue Rationally and Spiritually

We do not promise any religious or spiritual delusion. We advocate sustainable benefits for everybody. We encourage the people to learn to live a better life and a fruitful future. We assist propaganda for a genuine purpose – to prepare people for archetypal human development and promote a policy that follows rules with balanced benefits. The extremely critical problem is that a few billionaires, with 99% of the global wealth, can buy or blackmail entire governments for their purposes. This is not acceptable. There must be a balance, a fair share, and a corresponding responsibility for the entire world population.

Dynamic Duty 17: Disarmament is the only Way to get a Peaceful Future

  • We must be realistic. We know that on this planet there are governments and groups of people with extremely archaic understandings of human life, of education, and punishment, especially with a total devaluation of boys, girls, and women.
  • We know that there are many groups of people in many countries that only know the language of killing and subordination, slavery and stealing, over-exploitation of nature at all costs, and of human workforces with humiliating attitudes.
  • We know that the world would not survive for archetypal human development without the protection of military and secret services. A healthy concept of protection does not require warmongering or menacing. We reject war-like menacing, showing off hateful ‘titanic’ power.
  • Governance must find a new direction with new security concepts towards the future in 10-20 years.

Viruses cannot “end humanity”, but humans have all the tools to end humanity. Certain people seem to have the power to manage the global depopulation policy. In that context, the Covid-19 virus appears to simply be a prelude to train people and global governance for subordination. Do you really want a chip

Dynamic Duty 18: Humanity can be Systematically Reduced

The primary principle of governance today: People must remain stupid. All people must suffer from scarcity, fear, humiliation, despair, control, poverty, and a virus that solves other problems.

  • We reject concepts of a New World Order, the total control, Virus Immunity proofs (for the privileged).
  • We must know, at any time in this century, other viruses could require other medication.
  • We reject ‘Almighty Pharma Industry’ as well as authoritarian rigid governance behaviour.
  • We reject the mad rhetoric fearmongering about ‘the Virus that could end humanity’.
  • We fully reject a generalized global Vaccination as it will not solve the underlying problems.
  • There are too many people on this planet; it seems the masses cannot stop breeding.
  • With 4-5 billion people maximum we would not have such a mess on this planet.
  • With 4-5 billion people we would not have all-engulfing contamination of all kinds.
  • With 4-5 billion people we could deal much better with any kind of virus emergencies.

Dynamic Duty 19: Leaders, Politicians, Police, Soldiers are also Humans

The 2020 shutdown showed us:

  • Most government agents immediately adopted authoritarian attitudes.
  • Police and paramilitary forces immediately converted into very violent humans.
  • We assume that the police will have traumas with long term emotional impact.
  • Governmental institutions radically defamed experts that had alternative views.
  • Many people that criticized were rapidly psychopathologized and punished.
  • All non-official arguments were immediately banned and publicly ridiculed.
  • Many political agents and speakers of the government radicalized opponents.
  • Political scaremongering shattered critical questions and protests people had.
  • Mid-April experts declared: no need to maintain Pandemic; rulers did not stop.
  • Experts: “the lookdown was not necessary”; but governance continues the plot.
  • Governance throughout the world has taken completely outrageous measures.
  • Many sources showed proof of statistics about cases that were totally exaggerated.
  • All behaviour from governance and their agents was totally out of balance.
  • There was never a justifiable need to destroy so many businesses around the world.
  • Many top experts worldwide warned the governments: Declaring a pandemic is not needed.

Everybody should understand the consequences of digital identification, which is a crime against Humanity.

Conclusion: We consider that the political power behaved like people thousands of years ago: infantile, imbalanced, thoughtless, brainless, authoritarian, violent, incompetent, stubborn, obstinate, radical, hateful, ignoring objective arguments, and cynical like Abraham.

There is a high need for a new breed of leaders in governance, economy, and education. Many leaders in governance, political parties, education, the ministries, and the economy are not prepared for the many future global threats. They will act like insane monsters, driven by fear and a switched off mind. Religion will only have the delusional belief for their worshippers.

For centuries to come the world of survivors (if any) will know and study the most stupid, rigid, and short-minded pre-human species that had destroyed the planet.

Dynamic Duty 20: We Must Learn a lot from the Pandemic Side Effects

From an unknown virus with an emergency high speed to the Pandemic and much of the entire world immediately accepted the total elimination of freedom around the globe.

Politicians went mad, in panic and hysteria. Statistics about the epidemic (dead people) have been falsified. Authoritarianism immediately took over global governance.

Fake news and lies everywhere from governmental sources, from the mass media heated up the virus threat. And hundreds of millions if not 5 billion people were believing in this danger, a virus.

More than one hundred top experts explained that it is all a hoax. But the governments and the stupid masses follow and obey the rulers. We recommend learning from the Milgram experiment.

Governmental ignorance: Anxiety, fear, depression, domestic violence, banned from leaving one’s home, total surveillance, police violence, panicking people, and social distancing even for children.

The rulers have been thoroughly unable to balance measures, to understand the people and to create local safe sections; especially, to consider the all-round human and economic damages.

Many experts tried to objectivate the complex matter. Not one of these top experts had a chance to be listened to from governance, a totally self-alienated, cynical, and extreme narcissistic ‘club’.

Globally, 50% of the workforce is at risk of losing their job and livelihood due to a mad political management of the Corona Virus Pandemic. And vaccination enters through the back door.

Within days, most governments were together in one line, but entirely hysterical and headless. Their behaviour was ‘warlike’, dictatorial, and ironclad. Their daily statistics were (still are) a joke.

We have in Europe and around the world thousands of top-experts, scientists, professors; and no one could ask critical questions in the scientific and public arena. Are the alarm bells ringing yet?

Globally 1.5 trillion dollars have been destroyed. Hundreds of millions of people, probably more than 5 billion people, have lost their secure existence, with emotional effects for generations.

“We are at war!” The ‘Plague from the Middle Age’, a hysteric dramaturgy about ‘hundreds of millions could die’, etc. Many people died simply of being shocked, in panic because of the hyped-up threats.

These patterns of political behaviour and management tell us that the responsible people do not have the professional knowledge, expertise, competences, but incredibly extreme arrogance.

What must we do with people that are indifferent towards breaking constitutional laws, fabricate data, tell governmental lies, damage minds, and the existential destruction of billions of people’s life and work?

In May 2020, the World Health Organization warns of a second wave of the Corona Virus in autumn and winter. A strange comic book, commissioned for publication by the European Union in 2012, predicted what has unfolded now, May 2020, with the Covid-19 global pandemic. Everything follows a script that appears to have been prepared as far back as 2012.

Conclusion: The fields of governance and politics in general requires a new breed of leaders, highly prepared for dealing with 8-10-11 billion people and all the upcoming global threats. It is time for people around the globe to critically rethink concepts of leadership, politicians, governance.

Dynamic Duty 21: The COVID-19 Coronavirus Event in 2020 was only a Prelude

We cannot only blame the political apparatus for being arrogant and tyrannical. The greedy masses of people, running on a hamster-wheel, always want much more than they deserve.

The masters could only win because people are cowards, lazy to learn, arrogant, greedy, liars, posers, narcissistic, irresponsible towards the ecosystems and their own inner development.

Do the masses deserve anything better than the total collapse and destroyed democratic human values? These people do not and did not care; therefore, they must live without human values.

Most people reject self-knowledge, meditation, contemplation, the dreams they have at night, their inner values, social values, and responsibility for peace, humanity, and the planet. Do they deserve freedom? Do they deserve to choose? Do they deserve the rights they hold so dear?

Dynamic Duty 22: How to Understand the hidden Worlds

Since 1945, no Western peoples were threatened, no government had justification to go to war. But the USA and NATO went to many wars, with the rest of Europe on board, always with ‘fake justification’.

Western wars triggered by false flag, false insinuations, e.g., the weapons of mass destruction if Iraq, plunging Libya into civil war, hunting a terrorist in Afghanistan, fanning hatred in Kosovo, the dominoes theory of Vietnam and many other wars. Are we not allowed to search for and expose their terrible lies?

We have countless stupid, arrogant, cynical, and mad politicians, but not one would want WW3, a disaster of incalculable risks with possibly all-covering destruction, and human elimination.

Apart from some protests, the Europeans and Americans were on board with all these Western wars in many countries. Nobody was bothered that all the wars were based on lies and fabrications.

Therefore, we must ask if the Corona Virus event was a ‘fabrication’ too, a justification for a higher purpose. It is not comprehensible how globally the governments behaved like headless chicken.

It is also not comprehensible how governments globally, without a careful analysis, immediately accepted the ‘virus rules’, business damages of $1.5 trillion dollars, a recession for 10-12 years.

It was astonishingly easy to put much of the world under total submission within 2-3 weeks, ready to immediately give up all freedoms, despite so many countries that worked hard for these freedoms to be established.

It was breath-taking how arrogant, hateful, warlike, Nazi like language, the official speakers on state televisions reported with hate-speech branding as ‘idiots’, top experts, and people with questions.

Something smells awfully rotten. We do not discuss conspiracy theory. But remember: all wars from the Western world since 1945 were triggered based on lies and ‘false flags’ made up by the West to benefit the few.

Considering the principles of governance and brainwashing there is only one way out of the mess and misery. People must explore and understand the problem, or the ‘titanic’ anti-ruler will always win.

There are people that dispose of billions of dollars. There are the many nuclear bombs, always ready to menace other states, all the time ready for action; globally.

The worst criminal people that committed the worst atrocities since 1945 always have been and still today are in the Western World within the US and NATO. And this must have an end very soon – Now!

Dynamic Duty 23:

Considering the principles of governance and brainwashing there is only one way out of the mess and misery. People must explore and understand the problem, or the ‘titanic’ anti-ruler will always win.

Some people dispose of billions of dollars. Others have many nuclear bombs, always ready to menace other states, or for action, globally. “Nobody knows us. We are everywhere. Nobody rules us. We are the regents.”

Do face masks really protect from the Covid-19 threat? For how long will it be implemented for? This is a very humiliating subjugation that destroys social life and trust. Each human is identified as a threat to any other person (in public spaces). It has long-term effects. Association: The government muzzles the people.

A classical psychotherapist tries to understand the clients’ expressions: words, tears, a slip of the tongue, a silence, a meaning, an anger, something strange, etc. Is that why he is a conspirator?

Dynamic Duty 24: The Destruction of Genuine Human Archetypes

Transgender: One can change sex, chemically and operative, but remains always genetically the original sex, which is a plan to destroy humanity: Mre, Msr, M, Myr, Mx, Sai. Ser, etc. Papi = 1 and Mami = 2.

Those who promote gender-neutral language, those who destroy the archetypal human values, and those who destroy the natural and archetypal principles of human life and development must be banned.

  • “Gender” is the term that specifies male or female identity based on the given sex by birth.
  • “Gender” is used for any subjective identity in psychological terms by excluding sexual organs.
  • Anything that has to do with “Self-Identity” is psychological and includes the given sex by birth.
  • The new use of the term ‘gender’ interrelates ‘just as you like’ with all sexual orientations.
  • The use of the terms ‘trans’, ‘gender’, and ‘transgender’ is artificial, weird, misleading, confusing.
  • The intention is to decompose the biological and archetypal given ‘male-female’ concept.
  • The archetype ‘father’ and ‘mother’, ‘girl’ and’ ‘boy’, and ‘family’ are (among others) eliminated.

Result: Transmen, transwomen, bigender, pangender, genderfluid, agender, third gender, genderqueer, and cross-dressers, always together with genitals or not, versus the archetypal (genuine) identity development.

The hidden plan of an ‘invisible hand’ is the genuine concept of human evolution must be destroyed! A natural (male and female) self-identity development must be crushed. Somebody has outrageous hate for God, hate for life, hate for understanding, hate for happiness, hate for nurturing, and hate for love. Why?

Dynamic Duty 25: The “Self” and Human Development 

Let us start with four terms most frequently used in the context of personality theory: the “Self” and the “True Self” versus the “False Self”, and the “Identity” or “Self-Identity”.

The “Self” in general refers to one’s own being that distinguishes a person from others. Other words for the “Self” are for example: person, personality, identity, the totality of a person, and ‘the individual’.

The “True Self” stresses the authenticity and genuineness of the totality of a person’s characteristics and potentials. A “True Self” is expressed also in behaviour, social interactions, and in dealing with the environment.

The “False Self” is in contrast to the “True Self”, which stresses artificial characteristics, forced expressions, brainwashed character traits, distorted mental or behavioural expressions, superficiality, etc.

Dynamic Duty 26: Indelible Principles of Development for a New Orientation

  • There are principles in the biological world, on which humanity fundamentally depends, especially the world of species, ecosystems, nature, water, and more.
  • The development of the human body since prenatal time and during the entire life span is founded on certain biological principles for health.
  • The development of the mental functions since prenatal time and during the entire life span is founded on certain fundamental development processes.
  • There are many spiritual values, and in that sense spiritual principles such as love, care, hope, justice, and more for completeness and fulfilment.
  • There are some fundamental moral values, understood as ethical principles, which the world community needs for a secure co-existence.
  • There are society-oriented values, which express principles of governance and management for a well-functioning society and world community.

All these principles have archetypal character, which means they are genuine and eternally valid for humans. Humanity has lost these principles.

Summary: No Solution without massive Engagement beyond Lies and Fraud.

Someone is standing at the abyss, puts a gun to the head of all governments. An ‘invisible hand’ says: “You follow my orders, or I immediately start World War 3.” That is a way to subjugate humanity as nobody with a clear mind would ever want strange dangerous viruses, not even as a scary show, and nobody would ever want WW3. Herewith, Governance is globally paralyzed and caught in a terrible trap.

Conclusion: The ‘titanic’ Plan to destroy humanity is old; called ‘Deicide’. ‘The Holy Grail’ can only win if billions of people understand the mess, clean up, learn, and manage their genuine archetypal development.

And by the way, the Covid-19 is a religious problem and only I can solve this ‘cancer’. The fees to solve this historic drama is incredibly cheaper than one of the most advanced US submarines.

It may be that I am the last “Holy Grail” on earth forever, so a dream told me (to tell you).

The Dynamic Duty for global archetypal human development will be revised periodically.

All documents are available in my books that makes clear what the ‘Holy Grail’ is about and what this has to do with the Dynamic Duty here. The roots of my mission are transparent, reproducible, meaningful, comprehensible, rational, and approachable with meditation, psychology, spirituality, analysis, and the Archetypes of the Human Development. Dr Eduard Schellhammer has studied 50 years about the global mess, its origins, and possible solutions. Everything is ready today for people that want to engage in our mission for a new world.

No Solution without massive Engagement beyond Lies and Fraud

All documents are available in my books that make truly clear what the ‘New Holy Grail’ is about and what this has to do with the Credo detailed here. The roots of my mission are transparent, reproducible, meaningful, comprehensible, rational, and approachable with meditation, psychology, spirituality, analysis, and the Archetypes of the Human Development.

Nothing is perfect, neither within these Dynamic Duties. Certainly, there are statements that need to be revised and periodically updated. There are many profoundly serious issues that need to be unveiled and discussed further. We cannot do everything. In that sense, the ‘Dynamic Duties of the New Holy Grail’ are only the beginning. We apologise for any possible mistakes and invite experts, dedicated individuals, and institutions to contribute taking benefit from our resources.

Dr Eduard Schellhammer offers mentoring for individuals aspiring leadership career. A range of seminars prepares for global changes based on the archetypal inner development. Mentoring offered also for Institutions: Concepts for regional, national, and global solutions. A first preparative visit: 3-5 meetings.

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Dr Eduard Schellhammer, Sotogrande, San Roque, Cadiz. Spain. Published first: 1.6.2020
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Schellhammer Institute was created by Dr Eduard Schellhammer who has studied for 50 years the global mess, its origins, and possible solutions. Everything is ready today for people that want to engage in the Institutes’ mission for a new world.

Schellhammer Institute offers Mentoring for individuals and a range of seminars that prepares for global changes based on the Archetypal Inner Development:

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Benefit from Dr Schellhammer: Explorations that are for current and future generations – if there will be a ‘future’ with a healthy mind, body, and soul. It may be that I am the last “Holy Grail” on earth forever, so a dream told me.

We must all accept the Dynamic Duties for global Archetypal Human Development which will be revised and updated yearly.

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Dr Eduard Schellhammer, Sotogrande, San Roque, Cadiz. Spain 20.5.2020

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Founder and Chairman of: (with British Accreditation)