A 1-year Program offered by Schellhammer Institute in Collaboration with Schellhammer Business School.

Professional Perspectives: Leadership for Managing Global Threats, Expertise in Individuation, Counselling, Consulting, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Teaching Individuation, Life School, and School for Personal Development and Life Management.


■ Educated individuals with a strong dedication for a new world and humanity
■ Experts in professional positions that are relevant for the future of humanity
■ Authorities of Education that are passionate for renewal of public education
■ Experts that work in political fields for future solutions of the global criticalities
■ Professionals who work for renewal of society, the world, and human evolution
■ Bloggers and freelance experts in fields of politics, economy, education, religion

■ Individuals that want to reach the aim of Individuation in the service of humanity

Program Overview

Semester 1: Start October 2018, 13 weeks

Prenatal and Postnatal Development of Mental Functions
Analytical Approach to Archetypal Personal Development
Education, Mind Shaping and Collective Dehumanization

Delusions and Deicide in Education, Economy and Politics
Problems, Difficulties, and Crises during the Life Course
Training: Dreams Interpretation, Meditation, Energy Practices

Semester 2: Start February 2019, 13 weeks

Psychology of Fabricated Religion and Content of the Bible

State of Humanity, the World, the Planet and the Economy

Evolutionary Life Philosophy, New Ways of Living, Relationship
The Archetypal Pyramid for the Development of Human Needs
Renewal: Strategic, Tactic and Organizational Principles
Training: Dreams Interpretation, Meditation, Energy Practices

Frame and Concept

We explore the characteristics of the 10 biggest threats to humanity: 1. World Population Growth. 2. Contamination and Pollution. 3. Climate Change. 4. Ecosystems. 5. Economy. 6. Politics and Governance. 7. Mass Media. 8. Public Education. 9. Religions. 10. Prenatal and postnatal mind development.

We analyze the development of the mind (mental functions) and the mental factors in all areas of human life. We draw a new understanding of life, ways of living, managing a relationship and marriage between man and woman, and an evolutionary concept of governance, economy, and public education.

We draw a ‘Roadmap’ for national and global changes and renewal within 25 years. Fundamental factors are: accumulation, growth, momentum, dynamics, human factors, and interdependences. To reduce, eliminate, replace and change the critical factors we consider different aspects of sustainability for human evolution.

For defining changes and renewals we adapt a new concept of man and archetypal human evolution together with core principles, rules and strategic aspects for aims, practical design, and processing implementations. The fundamental interest is: To bring humanity on the track of archetypal human evolution.

A personal word from the Founder and President of the Schellhammer Institute:

“Sometimes it could be recommendable to see the ‘impossible’ from a completely new perspective. Sometimes it could also be advisable to consider that the enlightenment about “the earth is not flat” is also relevant today for many global concerns. In that sense it would be wise to consider that the Schellhammer Institute disposes of a ‘millennium key’ that 5.6 billion people on earth wish to be vivid and authentic in order to make the ‘impossible solutions’ feasible for the new millennium of human evolution. Everything else leads humanity into a global Armageddon within 20-35 years. Thus, humanity has reached the point of no return and with that enters into the first phase of complete elimination of humanity. There are the all-powerful string-pullers behind the curtains that want to destroy the divine creation; and this is not a conspiracy!”