Course for all Ages: 8 month Program, 26 study weeks; 12-14 hours per week; from October to end of May
Director: Dr. Edward Schellhammer in collaboration with Schellhammer Business School

It took 40 years of study and contemplation to offer today this worldwide unique program.

The program is for individuals who want a better world with collective human evolution.
Indispensable part of the program is the archetypal Individuation of the participants.

Professional Perspectives:

Leadership for Managing Global Threats, Expertise in New Venture, Advisor for New Ways of Governance, Expertise in Managing Changes, International Relations based on Archetypes of the Soul, Teacher in Strategies of Changes, Individuation, Counseling, Life and Business Coaching, School for Personal Development and Life Management.

The Program for all Ages:

  1. Architecture of the Mind with Genuine and Perverted Development
  2. Explorations of the 22 Mental Functions for Archetypal Development
  3. Collective Delusions, Degeneration and the Destruction of Human Values
  4. The State of Humanity, the World, the Planet with all its Global Threats
  5. Rules of Governance since 5000 Years, its Roots and History of Atrocities
  6. Psychology and Sham of Religion and the Conflicts between Religions
  7. New Understanding of Human Life, Ways of Living, Marriage and Family
  8. Deicide with the Aim to Destroy the Creation and The Costs of the Mess
  9. Conceptual Solutions for Renewal and Archetypal Governance (Workshop)
  10. Practical Personal Development and Catharsis (Training 24 weeks)
  11. New Concept of Meditation and Dream Interpretation (Training 24 weeks)
  12. Occasionally students can benefit from sessions with Dr. Schellhammer

Frame and Concept

We explore the characteristics of the 10 biggest threats to humanity: 1. World Population Growth. 2. Contamination and Pollution. 3. Climate Change. 4. Ecosystems. 5. Economy. 6. Politics and Governance. 7. Mass Media. 8. Public Education. 9. Religions. 10. Prenatal and postnatal mind development.

We analyze the development of the mind (mental functions) and the mental factors in all areas of human life. We draw a new understanding of life, ways of living, managing a relationship and marriage between man and woman, and an evolutionary concept of governance, economy, and public education.

We draw a ‘Roadmap’ for national and global changes and renewal within 25 years. Fundamental factors are: accumulation, growth, momentum, dynamics, human factors, and interdependences. To reduce, eliminate, replace and change the critical factors we consider different aspects of sustainability for human evolution.

For defining changes and renewals we adapt a new concept of man and archetypal human evolution together with core principles, rules and strategic aspects for aims, practical design, and processing implementations. The fundamental interest is: To bring humanity on the track of archetypal human evolution.


  • Students get all books from Dr. Schellhammer, the ‘Schellhammer Reports’ and the working sheets for free.
  • Course fees include accommodation in a shared 4* 2-bedroom apartment.
  • You can book a full apartment only for you (with an additional cost).
  • Accommodation includes electricity, TV, Internet, water, weekly bed linen change and cleaning.
  • A private Lounge and Study Room (80 m2) is open for the students of this program.
  • The resort offers Gym, pool, restaurant, 24h security; nearby are shopping options and the beach.

For Questions and more Information: Contact us.