Speech to Humanity

50 Statements about the “Lost Humanity“

Dear Reader!
Before you start reading the 10,000 mega-tons madness, prepare a relaxing tea; also a beer or a chocolate may calm down during the lecture. It takes around 12 minutes to read it.

It’s a basket case that a Swiss man without being an authority, without power, without celebrity status, without billions of dollars, without the ability to make miracles and without any official duty has to tell humanity something of highest importance and urgency.

Humanity is about to destroy the planet and human evolution. If this man would have 1,000 nuclear bombs and if he would menace the people with it: “Either you read this speech and tell others about it or …” Who would now read this speech?

See it like this: His authority is beyond all terrestrial power. This man has a divine judicial power of attorney like no other prophet ever had. Each soul will be judged according to his way of having been responsible for his archetypal development and for his life.

Quickly comes the reaction: “This man is crazy!” But, does not the entire humanity have a serious mental problem? Who not? The collective mental degeneration and spiritual aberration is visible everywhere as a mega problem. Collective stupidity and blindness unfortunately can’t recognize itself.

This is not about painting a black picture or constructing a mad exaggeration. To report about the big threats of humanity is not ‘negative’. Negative and alarming are certain global facts and the collective deformed psyches; and not what we report here. The true face of humans is very dark.

The big problem of humanity is that most humans don’t want to know anything. They don’t want the truth, especially not about themselves. They want delusions. They want their ‘savior’ and ‘Führer’. But these leaders are themselves blindly imprisoned in lack of knowledge or in wrong or fake knowledge.

Most people don’t want to learn anything. They are lazy-minded, conceited, greedy, naïve, narcissistic, dependent, trusting in authorities, submissive and brainwashed. This is the result of forming processes since prenatal time. Everything is based on the shaping processes of the mental functions.

Most humans want to be lied to, to be dominated, to be exploited, to be seduced and misled. They don’t want to take responsibility about their life, the society and the planet. They scoff, despise, and condemn with their blindness all those who search for the truth.

One can shove the abyss right under people’s nose, but not even then they would want to search for the truth. They simply don’t want to know. Sad is that they all are highly robots. They all are brainwashed with inherited century (even millennium) old mental and emotional patterns.

It is visible and can be observed that humans have learnt nothing from all the wars since 1912. The Second World War was really bleak, diabolic and contemptuous. “Never again war!” they all said. But since 1945 new wars arose and never ended until today. 15,000 wars since 3,000 years and people learn nothing.

Many millions have been killed in these wars since 1945, have become handicapped, have lost beloved ones and their existence, and have been destroyed in their soul. These wars have destroyed all human values, infrastructures, resources and the nature and environment of entire countries and folks.

The entire Western World has become big, strong and powerful only through wars, genocide, robbery, destruction, exploitation, subjugation, enslavement and atrocities. Who are really the most terrible murders and criminals on this planet? Who obeys them blindly?

To mention is also the complicity of the religions. Christianity for example has killed since 1700 AD an estimated one billion people – for profit and power, greed and perversions, driven by delusions of grandeur and spiritual-mental deformations. The state of the world shows us: Religions have failed!

Today we have the mega corporations which seize since decades increasingly and today totally everything, exploit everything, destroy everything and cause unbelievable devastations on states, infrastructures, humans, economy and especially on nature and environment – for profit.

The Second World War has created 60 million deaths and immeasurable destruction. How many deaths have been caused through wars, killing, exploitation and poverty since 1945? This is human-made, caused by mental mal-formation! And the Third World War is daily only minutes away.

Today 6m children die every year. Since 1945 up to today over 500m died. Many more children died if we calculate up to the age 25. Up to one billion? The insanity is: Wars, hunger, famine, poverty, contamination, corruption, exploitation, colonialism, and globalization for Western prosperity.

Through traffic accidents and contamination an estimated 60m people died since 1945. We can add all victims, of famine and misery since 1945. With that the 60m victims of the WW2 show us a new perspective about what is the really bad (evil, mad) and archaic face of humans (seen as a collective).

Total state debt 2017: $65 trillion. Consumer debt: $12 trillion. World debt: $152 trillion. During 200 and more years people must live under the debt yoke. Not included in the calculation is that the global clock of debt continues to tick until the total collapse. Who will pay for these insane ‘mistakes’?

The collateral damages through globalization amounts to $3-5 trillion per year. The costs of damages through climate change amounts to another $3-5 trillion per year. The ecosystems are irreparably damaged. This also amounts to another $3-5 trillion per year; ignoring here the human’s suffering.

Since 20 years we can observe globally that all genuine human values are eroded and destroyed. The inner human development is practically extinguished in favor of excessive consumption, crazy fun and neo-colonialist politics. Those who search will discover the roots: Behind all of this is a plan!

Mass media worldwide determines how the humans have to be programmed since prenatal time: a mixture of truth, entertainment, disfiguration, falsifications and omissions, patterns of opinions (attitudes), illusions (delusions), stupefaction and dehumanization. Who are the owners?

World population in the year 1950: 2.5bn; 1970: 3.7bn; 2000: 6bn; end of 2017: 7.6-7.8 bn. In 15-18 years we will have an estimated 9bn people living on this planet; and in the year 2050 the world population will be around 10bn. Until the end of the century statistics calculate up to 12bn people.

Sewage and waste, plastic of all kinds, fine dust of all kinds from humans and animals, from the industry; the nuclear materials, the pharmaceutical and chemical products and the remains of wars (materials), also on the bottom of the seas, will totally contaminate all ecosystems and with that humans and species.

Within 30 years 10 billion people will want goods and services such as those available today in Europe and the US. But already today 5 billion people do not have the necessary goods, infrastructures and services for a dignified and evolutionary life. In 20 years poverty will hit up to 90% of the world population.

In 20-50 years gradually: all ecosystems destroyed, devastations, glaciers melted, high increase of sea level, beaches and islands lost, urbanizations at shorelines destroyed. Melting of permafrost will release mega-tons of carbon dioxide and other gases as well as ten thousands of millennium old different viruses.

Economic growth has a price: all resources exploited, immeasurable destruction, contaminated arable land, 40-60% lack of drinking water (much of it contaminated), everything contaminated, also humans; 50-60% of species eliminated, all food chains destroyed, endless violence and wars, 2-3bn people will migrate.

Politics (governance) is preponderantly arrogant, corrupt, pretentious, and spiritless; since millenniums. Narcissism, psychopathy, megalomania and thirst for power were and still are the eternal motives. The madness to possess and to exploit all vivid and non-vivid things is the eternally repeated drama.

Wealth distribution: 8 individuals dispose of the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people (2017). One percent of the world population disposes of the same amount of wealth as the remaining 99% of the world population. 8 individuals possess a wealth of $430 billion. The poorest people of the world population (3.8 billion) possess $410 billion.

There are people that are addicted to the technological madness. They think that technology will solve all problems. For example, statistics tell us that every year around 100,000 cars will be produced. This will have multiple critical consequences. The causes are human-made and it will destroy humankind.

Words such as man, woman, girl, boy, father, and mother are increasingly abolished. Man becomes woman and woman becomes man, free of choice. But the sexual gender genetically can’t be changed. ‘Marriage’ is an Archetype (man-woman); also abused. Transgender bender is a scam. There is no gay gene.

A wrong idea about ‘multi-cultural‘, ‘tolerance’, ‘freedom’ and ‘emancipation’ operates like pestilence; has already decomposed the human being. Behavior is to a large extent the result of what is programmed in the mental structures through tradition, education, environment, lies and propaganda.

Public education does not prepare the youth for the life and the challenges they will experience in the future. Each country programs its folk with (public) education, religion and ideology. The global disaster is rooted in the failure of education and religion.

Accreditation of public schools and universities with focus on business, economics, politics, tourism, psychology, social sciences (‘Humanities’), art, literature, history, ethics, leadership and more is dictatorial, ideological, inefficient, fraudulent and exploitative.

The history that is taught to pupils at schools and brought to the people via the (mass) media is entirely disfigured, in the core not the truth. History repeats itself because people do not learn anything from it. Religion contributes with fabrications, deformations and psychotic teaching and practices. All they do is lie to billions of people.

Most people do not have any interest in knowledge about the future. But those who will live longer than 10-20 years, especially the youth today and the new-born tomorrow, also those who will born in the near future, will experience a horrendous development of global decay.

Most people create a baby because they themselves wish to have a ‘good’ family they didn’t have in their past. If they would love their children they would show commitment in the future perspectives of their children, a future with healthy ecosystems, healthy economy and a world without wars.

All this and much more facts makes clear that religion, spirituality, education, politics (governance), economy and behavior worldwide have lost the archetypal path of the human psychical and spiritual development. But without this inner path there will never be a solution, only a labyrinth without exit.

There are many more big threats to humanity that could be mentioned here. But the given picture sufficiently allows acknowledging that the entire humanity can’t continue this madness with ‘business as usual’ without dramatic consequences. But humanity is imprisoned in a treadmill and madhouse.

Never will the mighty leaders on the political, economic and religious stage give up their power. Never will the mighty rulers ‘behind the curtains’ give up their almightiness. Never will the people give up their stupidity, ignorance, lazy-mindedness, greed, narcissism and servility.

Most humans do not develop (grow) beyond their adolescence to become an adult. Signs are: lies, lack of respect, no interest in knowledge and responsibility, blind trust, no critical thinking, abuse of all kinds, infantilism, and strong simplifications. The mass media condition this mental state in the collective.

There is no chance to prevent the destruction of the planet and the collective human development. There is no chance to free the collective from the mess and to implement evolutionary solutions. It is also no chance to bring billions of humans back to the archetypal path. Nature will find a way?

There is no ‘savior’ or Messiah that could put in order the global mess. The common people and the leaders of all institutions, both together have created this mess. They have to commonly give an immense effort for catharsis and renewal. But there is a complete lack of the right education of the leaders.

The human evolution means in the core the development of the soul which consists in an indelible energetic body. Each soul has an eternally valid, indelible identity forever. Each human is first of all his own challenge; also for his position in the other world (once dead).

The religions are without evolution: hardly one of the 22 diverse mental functions, given by the biological structures, is shaped according to the function and capacity (of each function) and its multiple interrelations for an all-sided balance. But the prototype for becoming a human is genetically given.

The hostilities between Judaism, Christianity and the Islam are almighty since ever. But the only true religion for humanity is the path of the archetypal, holistic psychical-spiritual development. Being a human is an all-encompassing life school towards fulfillment.

Principally it is possible to deform in any ways all mental functions of humans, even extinguish much (most) of them. This archetypal secret (‘mystery’) is known since millenniums. Certain circles abuse this knowledge. What remains is the magical fundamentalism which is in its core nothing other than deicide.

But there is one mental function that can’t be perverted: the force that creates the dreams! This force is the most powerful potential humans have. But people must learn how to correctly interpret their dreams! This requires that the psyche is shaped the right ways. For that people must learn a lot about life.

No human becomes ‘bad’ through procreation. The absolute evil starts with the small ‘bad’. It emerges prenatal through mother, father and the environment. It is build up over millenniums in the collective unconscious; therefore collectively inherited. There is only one salvation: the archetypal forgiveness.

There is only one man that can execute the collective archetypal forgiveness for the entire humanity. He is sent by God and appointed to do it. During 45 years this man has prepared himself for this mission. Everything is documented, comprehensible, and practically, psychically and spiritually coherent.

The rulers will never understand that with their own malformed psyche they drag themselves, their own children and humanity down into the abyss, within 20-30 years. The offer stays: Many people can go the path of the ‘Archetypes of the Soul’ up to the ‘archetypal salvation’.

The first step starts with acquiring relevant knowledge, with critical thinking, and with a personal development rooted in the ‘Archetypes of the Soul’ towards fulfillment:

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In all my books you can find 10,000 facts that give rock-solid proof and extensively explain what is described here in short words.

Note: The world population creates Armageddon by itself.
Hope and love for the creation dies last.

Dr. Edward Schellhammer

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