Archetypal Pathways Program

“Revitalise the meaning of your life.”

Renew your inner and outer life. You may want to explore the benefits of biographical elaboration and practise efficient inner catharsis.

You are willing and able to commit to the process of Archetypal personal development reaching a higher purpose deeply rooted in the creation.

The Archetypal Pathways Program is personalised and has been developed exclusively by our founder Dr E Schellhammer (Swiss). There are two stages to complete: first the “Inner Development” journey for catharsis and renewal.

Subsequently then the “Outer Development” mission to reveal and build your leadership potential. Both stages shall instigate a new global spirituality offering guidance for the genuine collective Archetypal development of humanity.

Stage 1: Develop and build up the “Inner Renewal” Journey

1. Higher personal aims in life
2. Motive for higher aims
3. Complex of 50 critical thinking
4. Advanced practical Individuation
5. The archetypal processes
6. Concept of dream interpretation
7. Concept of efficient meditation
8. Biographical analytical elaboration
9. Pre and postnatal development
10. Repeated biographical catharsis
11. Systematic self-analysis
12. Epigenetic cleaning historical roots
13. How to Implement new inner pillars
14. The life-oriented field of spirituality
15. Nurturing the mind for the future
16. How to create multiple balance
17. Renewal of collective human values
18. How to avoid old mistakes
19. Ways to implement human values
20. How to reshape the inner holistic unity

Archetypes are a divine call (not Psychotherapy)
The world must get back to these divine roots
The messenger has been prepared for 50 years
For 2000 years the first opportunity for humanity!

Stage 2: Earn the Right to lead with the outer mission

1. Understanding local and global mess
2. Becoming responsible for humanity
3. Understanding Human factors and skills
4. Strategies for reset selected criticalities
5. Setting the general frame for aims
6. Identifying the mad collective past
7. How to first nurture the targeted field
8. Defining strategies of communication
9. Psychodynamic of 7000 years of failure
10. A global “Free Nations” and the economy
11. Nurturing processes with deep wisdom
12. How to preserve the eco-systems
13. New politics and governance for peace
14. What are targeted tactics for defined aims
15. How to create political reconciliations
16. How to let people implementing renewal
17. How to collectively reset human values
18. Perspectives for disarmament in 10 years
19. Strategies for world population reduction
20. Rebalancing the world towards fulfilment

The Mission is to provide tools for a new world
The world shall get the divine reconciliation
The messenger offers forgiveness to the world
For 2000 years the opportunity to reshape the world


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