Armageddon or Evolution

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Posted by Schellhammer Institute on Saturday, May 6, 2017


The 10 Biggest Threats to Human Evolution

1. World Population Growth; 2. Contamination and Pollution; 3. Climate Change; 4. Eco-systems; 5. Economy; 6. Politics and Governance; 7. Mass Media; 8. Public Education; 9. Religion; 10. Prenatal and postnatal mind development.

Humanity is at stake. Governments are unable to reduce and eliminate the threats. The mega risks increase with every year. There is never a solution without the truth. No solutions with an archaic concept of humans. No solution with fundamentalist ideologies and dogmas. No solution by disrespecting humans’ genuine inner and terrestrial needs. No solution with wars, police state, fascism, violence, ignorance, arrogance, hubris and cynicism. No solution without a new understanding of mankind and (inner) human evolution. Humanity is terribly brainwashed, malformed, misled and lost in a dark labyrinth of lies, cheat, fabrications, psychosis, and hubris without exit. Become responsible for your evolution: learn, change and grow! Laugh scornfully, ignore it and you deserve the Armageddon within 20-25 years.

  • Human made: The world population is growing up to 10bn people by 2050 and by 2100: 12-14bn. Today 5.5bn live in serious or extreme poverty. Half of the world population has no access to sanitation, healthy food and healthy drinking water.
  • Human made: 60% of the ecosystems are irreparably damaged, 35% of species eliminated, much rainforest and arable land eliminated, around 41%- 60% of the oceans are badly damaged, 35% world’s cropland has become unproductive.
  • 200 years or more for future generations to pay for the world’s 152 trillion debts, still rising. There are other trillions of costs nobody can pay. 500 years for future humans to pay for the destroyed planet; nuclear waste management for centuries: costly!
  • Politics ignores most human values. They are cynical, hostile, and arrogant towards people, provinces and other nations. The worst criminals in history always have been and are head of states, kings, rulers. They always need an enemy to rectify warmongering.
  • Accreditation of education is based on totalitarian, compulsive control of all. Accredited education serves ultimately the power interests of the elites. Accreditation is anti-evolutionary, anti-truth, anti-democratic, anti-free market, a scam.
  • Interrelations everywhere: All parameters of criticalities stay in interrelations of others. All systems show all-embracing negative effects. There are interactions between systems and humans. These complex dynamics have no boundaries. Today, humanity is a very sick organism.
  • Until 2050, additional 3bn humans will need food, goods, water, health care, and services. They all need education for life, mind and work, which is a genuine need. Technology increases unemployment, part time jobs, poverty.
  • Human made: 3-5bn humans suffer from illnesses and low mental capacities due to toxins. More contamination: 200-350 chemicals are in the body of fetuses, children, adolescents, adults, which should not be there.
  • Manpower: Child labor, slavery, low wages, dire working conditions. Most natural resources are much overexploited; destroyed in 40 years. Damages of mining and exploitation (toxins, poisoned land, water) have victims: land, species, water, people.
  • 14,500 wars during the last 5,000 years. Since 1945 many wars staged by the United States and NATO: Killed millions, destroyed countries, and created dire misery and suffering. Weapons of mass destruction are evil: a perverse political creation.
  • ‘Spirituality’ is distorted, abused, filled with hot air. Humans like psychotic nonsense because they are archaic and live blinded. People are lazy, want easy, fast, simple solutions for their salvation; never take responsibility for the truth, their inner life and growth.
  • Ideological, dogmatic, fundamentalist belief increases criticalities. Humans are always the responsible agents. The roots of evil lie in the malformed minds. In all systems is thoroughly stultification and dehumanization. There is everywhere hate for God and the creation, coded for Deicide.
  • Humans have many mental functions that need to be shaped in an appropriate way. This correct shaping is the genuine (archetypal) ‘Human Evolution’. 95% of the world population don’t know about their archaic mental state; can’t evolve.
  • Human made: Huge parts of the planet will be unfit for humans: soil erosion, freak storms, droughts, massive crop failures, rising sea levels, ice melting, heat waves, fires, droughts, floods, tornados, hurricanes, and tropical cyclones.
  • Most politicians have an archaic understanding of man, unchanged since millenniums. Politicians have always acted with greed, arrogance, falseness, hubris, megalomania, and amorality. Scrupulous people destroy the livelihoods of the future generations.
  • Public Education: 1) Ignorance and exclusion of spiritual and emotional intelligence, intuition and creativity. 2) Absence of education for mastering life, mind, money, love, relationship, marriage, family life. 3) Absent topics: lies, cheat, deceit, falseness.
  • There is no authentic document about Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Apostles, and Gospels. All stories are legends, myths, sagas, fictions, anecdotes, fabrications and deceit. Primary texts don’t exist. There is no authentic proof of inner processes and words of any Prophet.
  • There is a way out with the ‘Life Symbol’: Love, joy, zest for life, peace, satisfaction, happiness, hope, justice, Spirit, balance, totality, completeness, openness, psychical-spiritual evolution, fulfillment, conjunction of the real and spiritual world, renewal, reconciliation, salvation, and presence of God, Spirit.
  • Humanity has become mad: 92% of the planet is contaminated: Waste, sewage, garbage, plastics, detergents, medications and drugs, nuclear and military waste. Air, soil, sea, rivers, oceans, water, nature, and arable land are contaminated.
  • 3.5bn people live on less than $2.50 per day. 5.6bn people live on less than $10 per day. 6 individuals dispose of 50% of the global wealth (2017). And there are 2000+ billionaires on earth. 1 individual soon will possess a trillion of wealth.
  • ‘Deicide’: Killing God; means: Humans kill his creations; eliminate human evolution. Hate for life: destroy the planet, humans, humans’ potentials, folks, nations, societies, cultures, peace on earth, justice, healthy food and drinking water.
  • Mass media: deform minds, idealize soullessness, make people stupid, delusionary, and infantile; brainwash, manipulate, dehumanize, crush human values, destroy genuine human evolution, and dictate politics for world dominance and deicide.
  • No solutions: 1) In archaic concepts of mankind. 2) In fundamentalist ideologies, dogmas. 3) In disrespect for humans’ inner and real needs. 4) In violence, ignorance, hubris and cynicism. 5) In delusions. 6) If people reject (to find) the truth.

There is never is a solution without the Archetypes of the Soul and the new true prophet today that can fully document his authentic divine roots and ways out of the global mess like no other since ever.

We Want a New World!

We Want a New World!

We want to live with a holistic positive life philosophy with real hope.
We want to understand our feelings and to be able to manage them.
We want to live love, our genuine psychical needs, with truthfulness.
We want to see through, to think profoundly and also in creative ways.
We want to understand ourselves, our inner life, and our behavior.
We want to acquire knowledge and skills to efficiently master life.
We want to become an authentic, fully self-realized and strong person.
We want to have real, efficient, constructive ideals, values, norms, and rules.
We want to live a new, authentic lifestyle with an excellent self-management.
We want to prepare ourselves for a happy relationship and family life.
We want to live our desire for sex and tenderness with a lot of love.
We want to live free from biographical burdens and unconscious complexes.
We want to be able to solve difficulties, crises, problems, and conflicts.
We want to praise and to live the deepest eternal meaning of marriage.
We want to succeed with our children by making them authentic and strong.
We want to live and grow with a genuine meaning of life, rooted inside.
We want to understand our dreams – the messages from the inner Spirit.
We want to correctly meditate and practice mental training for wellness.
We want to live all Archetypes of the Soul for our complete fulfillment.
We want to care for our health, for the environment, humanity, and the planet.
We want peace, a global balance of power, a fair distribution of resources.
We want all politicians, CEOs, and rulers to be rooted in the inner Spirit.
We want the media to inform us about what is really important on this earth.
We want freedom of speech and thought as well as transparency in political life.
We want a new education that respects and promotes the inner life and the truth.