The world population is growing up to 10bn people by 2050 and by 2100: 12-14bn. Today 5.5bn live in serious or extreme poverty. Half of the world population has no access to sanitation, healthy food and healthy drinking water. Human made! An Additional 3bn human will need food, goods, water, health care, and services - the next 30 years. They all need education for life, mind and work, which is a genuine need. Technology increases unemployment, part time jobs, poverty. Humans have many mental functions that need to be shaped in an appropriate way. This correct shaping is the genuine (archetypal) ‘Human Evolution’. 95% of the world population don’t know about their archaic mental state; can’t evolve. Humanity has become mad: 92% of the planet is contaminated: Waste, sewage, garbage, plastics, detergents, medicaments and drugs, nuclear and military waste. Air, soil, sea, rivers, oceans, water, nature, and arable land are contaminated.