Imagine the impossible and remember that the earth is not flat!

This is the fundamental Millennium challenge for you and humanity today:

“I am back now – the ‘Primus inter Pares’ of all Spiritual Kings in the other world – predicted is my come back in ‘Holy Books’ since centuries.”

Millions around the globe know me since 1987, including countless leaders from mass media, politics and religions. But all what they were able to do was to be silent – or to throw a stone.

It clearly shows: They have a very serious problem!

The entire cosmos is full of sadness and darkness about the state of humanity, the world and the planet, about the totally perverted human evolution disconnected from the eternal source of life and the Creator. The guilt since millenniums is today immeasurably filling the cosmos.

“The earth is not flat!” Do you understand this message for our modern époque?

Now a NEW AGE shall start with the Schellhammer Institute – or it’s the beginning of the end of humanity or most of it within 20-35 years. And this is your big problem!

There is no need to pervert Your big problem by putting the blame on me simply because Your mind is malformed, brainwashed, bloated, conceited and poisoned with millennium tales, lies and fabrications from the authorities that are also malformed, brainwashed, bloated, conceited and poisoned with millennium tales, lies and fabrications.

Can you really decide about the ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’ without adequate preparation and without having reached a very high holistic psychical-spiritual personal development? Give to your life a superior mission!

Not only possible, but very real is: the ‘Schellhammer Institute’ builds up the powerful, spiritual, archetypal, psychological and thoroughly competent leaders – men and women – for the New Age, rooted in the eternal Source of Life and provided with the universal divine mission!

Humanity must let behind the archaic époque, where everybody principally can become a leader, a politician, even a minister or head of state. The time is over where incompetent, neurotic, stubborn, ignorant, arrogant, false, evil, corrupt, and especially malformed (undeveloped, archaic) individuals can make a leadership career in politics, economy, business, public education, and religion.

A new époque of higher education in the fields of politics, economy, business, public education, and religion must start, free from all the crap and rubbish that these institutions teach and with that endlessly reproduce the mistakes from the history. Catharsis consists in a tough-minded and thoroughly critical enlightenment.

The Archetypal Evolutionary Age must start now!