Embassy for Human Evolution

The ‘Embassy for Human Evolution’ is a meeting point for leaders, managers and representatives of institutions seeking vanguard solutions for the global mega-criticalities, which can’t be solved with technology and old-fashioned politics and governance. The dire state of humanity, the world and the planet with an unstoppable momentum towards global collapse on a level of Armageddon requires a completely new approach to bring humanity on the archetypal track of human evolution.

  • Projects: Realize projects with innovation and renewal for a sustainable future.
  • Mediation: Resolve intricate conflicts of interest through fundamental human factors.
  • Rebranding: Amorality is systemic; integrate human values into your business system.
  • Crisis: Crumbling industries and empires can find a future with a new orientation.
  • Government: As society loses trust in politics, a new bridge can be constructed.
  • Society: Growth of population and cities, vanishing middle class: there is a way out.
  • Economics: Exploding unemployment? Creating 500 million new jobs is feasible.
  • Agriculture: New business models and orientations can create sustainable agriculture.
  • Industry: Groundbreaking potential that can harmonize manpower, resources and machinery.
  • Contamination: Multidimensional causes with dramatically bleak expectations can be solved.
  • Education: Failure and unskilled unemployable graduates can be solved with new education.
  • Religion: Fundamental reconstruction from archaism to evolution is fully prepared.

Urgent and of highest Importance:

  • Humanity needs a new concept of ‘man’, a new spirituality, and a new breed of evolutionary humans.
  • Humanity needs a new generation of all-round prepared leaders in every field of human endeavor.
  • Humanity needs a new concept of Business Schools, of Universities, and of a new Public Education.
  • Humanity needs to reclaim the genuine archetypal Religion, never established and today forgotten.

Solidarity, affirmation and good will for the transformation of the global threats, require knowledge, expertise and complex psychological competences, which must be transformed strategically with a roadmap of 25 years into real action for changes and renewal. We have to consider the complex interrelations and the dynamics of the momentum of all systems and components such as politics, economy, public education and religion with roots back to centuries and even to thousands of years.

Not even the elitist ‘think-tank’ institutions with billions of dollars at their disposal have such an insight and view. And all academic institutions are chained with the accreditation scam and can’t dig deep into the ‘mystery of human development’, which is fundamentally interrelated with the ‘other world’.

If you are interested in knowing more about the services of the Schellhammer Institute, then spend some days at the Schellhammer Retreat and there we discuss what I can do for you.

Nothing is for free on this planet. All kinds of efficient actions for humanity, the world and the planet require substantial funds. I expect you have the connections to funds for pioneering education, global changes and renewal. Actions always start with the most advanced all-sided education. The Schellhammer Institute has this new all-sided education for all ages, explored and developed ‘in the desert’ during 40 years.

You might understand that I expect a symbolic financial gesture for the time I spend with you and the advice and suggestions I will give you.

Dr. Edward Schellhammer