Embassy for Human Evolution

Embassy for Human EvolutionThe ‘Embassy for Human Evolution’ is a meeting point for leaders, managers and representatives of institutions seeking vanguard solutions for the global mega-criticalities, which can’t be solved with technology and old-fashioned politics and governance. The dire state of humanity, the world and the planet with an unstoppable momentum towards global collapse on a level of Armageddon requires a completely new approach to bring humanity on the archetypal track of human evolution.

  • Projects: Realize projects with innovation and renewal for a sustainable future.
  • Mediation: Resolve intricate conflicts of interest through fundamental human factors.
  • Rebranding: Amorality is systemic; integrate human values into your business system.
  • Crisis: Crumbling industries and empires can find a future with a new orientation.
  • Government: As society loses trust in politics, a new bridge can be constructed.
  • Society: Growth of population and cities, vanishing middle class: there is a way out.
  • Economics: Exploding unemployment? Creating 500 million new jobs is feasible.
  • Agriculture: New business models and orientations can create sustainable agriculture.
  • Industry: Groundbreaking potential that can harmonize manpower, resources and machinery.
  • Contamination: Multidimensional causes with dramatically bleak expectations can be solved.
  • Education: Failure and unskilled unemployable graduates can be solved with new education.
  • Religion: Fundamental reconstruction from archaism to evolution is fully prepared.
  • Humanity needs a new concept of ‘man’, a new spirituality, and a new breed of evolutionary humans.
  • Humanity needs a new generation of all-round prepared leaders in every field of human endeavor.
  • Humanity needs a new concept of Business Schools, of Universities, and of a new Public Education.
  • Humanity needs to reclaim the genuine archetypal Religion, never established and today forgotten.


Enlightened Academic and non-Academic Full or Part Time Programs for all Ages

The purpose of all education for young and old alike should be to advance and enhance human thinking; interrogate and challenge all existing dogmas and identify, quantify and present solutions to the many problems that have and continue to plague humanity.

In short to make a strong contribution to the evolution of stronger, better human beings and the development of the educational, social, political and spiritual structures that support them. But accreditation institutions are a scam manufactured as brainwash concepts and forcing education to comply with their norms and rules.

Yet, how many educational institutions private or public genuinely follow any of these noble principles? Now ask yourself how many of these same institutions are content to produce generation after generation of brainwashed robots, devoid of critical thinking, and ready to delegate all of life’s responsibilities to business elites, politicians and religious leaders all too ready to spin their dogmas full of lies, poison and delusions.

It is undeniable that since the end of world war II most of the globe has lived in an age of abundance. The consequence of this sixty year abundance however has been air, water and land contamination, climate change and the looming threat of destroying the very ecosystems that make this planet habitable.

Moreover this abundance has created unlimited greed, allowed corporations to pursue growth at any cost, depleted valuable resources and destroyed profound human values. People have lost the meaning of real life and genuine love. The truth is lost and if adults care nothing about the damages, why should the youth care?

6.5 billion people and growing, are mentally enslaved, trapped in this spiral of misery and destruction without any real hope. They are suffering. Their children will suffer terribly. Indeed, if parents really love their children, they should care for their future also.

If adults do not want to learn and don’t want to know, why should their children want to acquire knowledge as the world is collapsing? Why did parents create children, if they do not care about their substantial education for life, work, personal development, and environment?

But, the convergence of these problems is no longer generational, regional or ethnic and guilt has gone beyond parents, politicians, religions and education. All People are guilty! Granted, that the worst criminals are the religious and political leaders who over the course of human history have killed much more than 2bn people.

They have lost the Archetypes of the Soul (if they ever had it). They have lost the divine path of human evolution blinding billions of people with ‘holy’ robes, ‘holy’ words, ‘holy’ books and ‘holy’ buildings and dogma and propaganda, colluding with the politicians to stop people from questioning the simplest criticalities.

Since 1978 Schellhammer Education has developed the most advanced pioneering education for humanity and Dr. Schellhammer has made it his life’s mission to create a new spiritual authority and help guide people towards a genuine and divine evolution based on discovering the archetypal path and rules to a collective fulfillment.

So, will you take up this challenge and change, create something meaningful and positive – or will you continue to blindly follow the lies, delusions, misperceptions and scandalous fantasies which have brought nothing but misery to humanity?

All People must learn to become responsible for their all-round development, for the new generations, for the environment and world, or their future will be a total nightmare in 10-20-35 years! Enroll today at a course with Schellhammer Education and develop all your potential to the highest possible aims!

The Embassy for Human Evolution offers the indispensable new knowledge to create a new world within 25 years. Dr. Schellhammer invites you for a meeting. Schedule an appointment.