Change and Expertise for Human Development

You want a breakthrough in your personal life? You want to find fulfillment in your vocation? You seek for a deeper archetypal meaning of life? You want an inner catharsis and absolution? You want renewal? You aspire for a higher purpose? You want to find answers and gain new knowledge for overall understanding? You want to find new strength to deal with today’s fast paced world and global challenges? You want to contribute for a better world?

Schellhammer Institute builds individuals up to become a strong integer personality with expertise knowledge and skills for human development.

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Trimester 1

  • Shaping processes from prenatal time and during the life course
  • Mass media: Mind shaping and collective dehumanization
  • The architecture of the mind (the 22 mental functions)
  • Practical concept of the archetypal personal development

Trimester 2

  • Human values and the reality in politics, education, religion
  • How to deal with problems, crises, conflicts, difficulties, traumas
  • Modern dream theory and the power of the spiritual intelligence
  • Psychology and fabrications of religions versus the genuine truth

Trimester 3

  • State of humanity, the world, the governance, and the planet
  • Evolutionary public education and archetypal politics for the people
  • New ways of living and of relationship man-woman for self-fulfillment
  • Conceptual strategies to establish the archetypal path of human evolution

Practical training each trimester: Self-analysis, meditation, dream interpretation, energetic practices

A personal word from the Founder and President of the Schellhammer Institute:

“Sometimes it could be recommendable to see the ‘impossible’ from a completely new perspective. Sometimes it could also be advisable to consider that the enlightenment about “the earth is not flat” is also relevant today for many global concerns. In that sense it would be wise to consider that the Schellhammer Institute disposes of a ‘millennium key’ that 5.6 billion people on earth wish to be vivid and authentic in order to make the ‘impossible solutions’ feasible for the new millennium of archetypal human evolution. Everything else leads humanity into a global Armageddon within 20-35 years. Thus, humanity has reached the point of no return and with that enters into the first phase of complete elimination of humanity. There are the all-powerful string-pullers behind the curtains that want to destroy the divine creation; and this is not a conspiracy!”


  • Non-academic 1-year program.
  • 1 year – 3 terms, 10 weeks each. Weekly 12 hours.
  • The course starts: 2nd October 2017.
  • Fees: 18,000€ for the full program.
  • Application and payment: before end of August 2017.
  • Early enrollment: 20% Discount for payment in full before end of June.
  • Carried out in collaboration with Schellhammer Business School.

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