First Europe

Europe is wholeness; an organism with manifold shaped multiple [collective] identities.
Europe, its nations, including [Western] Russia, has been built up during many centuries.
Europe’s history has very old transcendental, divine roots that express a quest for God.
Europe has given birth to countless pioneers in Psychology, Education, and Philosophy.
Europe has been built up with outstanding achievements, technical, cultural and social.
Europe is profane and sacral; both sides interrelated [a whole], together devoted to God.
Europe is in that sense adorable, part of the divine sphere that strives for true evolution.

But most captains that conduct this European vessel are archaic, arrogant, incompetent …
And a huge majority of the European folks are archaic, stupid, malformed, coward, greedy …
The very irrational disputes between nations have been utilized by an evil plan of deicide.
Around 1900 an immense octopus came from the United States with many Trojan Horses.
Diabolic Masters triggered wars between European nations in order to subordinate Europe.
The naïve European leaders fell into the trap of the pseudo-religious megalomaniacs.
The never ending almighty wars between Christianity and the Islam are sparking again.

Today most of Europe with its precious human values has been sold to the hidden Masters.
The ancestors of these insane Masters always triggered wars and strife in an ambush.
Europe is on the brink of hyper poverty, fascism, war and all-encompassing contamination.
The US was once a great nation; but today it is the nest of all evil that destroys also Europe.

The Holy Europe has become unholy, decadent, rotten, mendacious, false, cocky, and blinded.
Madness to control and exploit every vivid and non-vivid thing has sickened the European soul.
Accreditation of Business Schools (and others) are dictatorial, exploitive, ideological and a scam.
500 million Europeans today are brainwashed, misled, malformed, separated from evolution.
Mass media, banking systems, political business and economy have crushed the European minds.
A majority of humans are not ready to adapt new views and to accept new knowledge.

A wrong idea of ‘multi-cultural’, ‘tolerance’, ‘freedom’ and ‘emancipation’ has corroded Europe.
Mad: Words such as ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘girl’, ‘boy’, ‘father’, ‘mother’ and ‘marriage are nullified.
Sick: Male becomes female and female male; but gender identity genetically can’t be changed.
Europeans have lost their soul due to the archaic religion and the mad educational authorities.
European dwellers have lost the values of all pioneers and have become slaves of dark Masters.
The European folks ignore responsibility for society, environment and the future of the children.
The genes of the Europeans, shaped from the evil history, are damaged with long-term effects.
Immense guilt of the Europeans, people and leaders, has darkened the lives of every European.
The future of Europe is in the iron grip of interrelated and [globally] increasing mega-criticalities.
The 10 biggest global threats are rapidly increasing and will create an unimaginable global disaster.

Since 1987 I have warned millions of people and institutions. Up to today nobody wanted to listen.
Now you have only a few years to take uncomfortable drastic measures for Europe and the world.
Or you, our children and the still unborn will experience an unthinkable misery in 5, 10 or 20 years.
Do you want all ecosystems destroyed, global contamination, loss of all human values, and a WWIII?

European folks, wake up! Open your eyes! Take your future in your hands! And learn a lot!
Europe, your home, your future, the future of the youth and those born tomorrow are at risk.

The sole solution for humanity is the highly developed concept of ‚being human‘, of a genuine human life and the divine archetypal human evolution (development).

Archetypal Development

Dr. Edward Schellhammer