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Evolutionary Education for Humanity
Over 7 billion people hope for a better future for humanity

Declaration of Judgment

The reincarnated King of the Holy Grail
The supreme Judge of all souls on this earth and in the other world
is herewith speaking to you and to the entire world:

Already 2000 years ago I told the authorities where the mental deformation trough cynicism, poverty, and deformed education will lead.
In the 12th (13th) century I repeatedly said this to the inquisitors in the North of Spain. And today I say it to you for the last time.

More than 6.5 billion People are totally brainwashed, have malformed, distorted mental functions.
People don’t know that they are already shaped during prenatal time and the first 3 years of life to become a robot.
People then live these shaped codings for the rest of their lives and understand this as the “truth”.
People know their inner being on a level of 0.1-1%. They don’t know what ‘true love’ is.
Humanity has lost, ignored or destroyed the code of the archetypal psychical-spiritual evolution.
Most People hardly have knowledge, don’t understand anything; are insatiable greedy beings.
Humanity stands at the abysm. They are all to blame for the elimination of the inner truth.
Globally the systems of authority are decayed. They abuse and disfigure humans and humanity.
All religions have lost the holy (divine) Archetypes of the Soul and the path of salvation.
Billions of times Christians repeat: „... and Jesus said…”. But nobody knows what Jesus said.
That’s why Armageddon will explode in 20-30 years which means the creeping elimination.
Decide now for knowledge, learning, renewal, development, life, and your fulfillment!
Pioneering Education
Since 1978
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Over 7 Billion
Long, Desire and Hope for a Better Future for Humanity
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Schellhammer Institute

International Further Education for Changes, Renewal and Archetypal Human Evolution since 1978

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To have the right and most advanced knowledge and practices – NOT JUNK EDUCATION – is priceless and exceptional in a world of total brainwash and degeneration in all systems of societies. Imagine for a moment everything you can learn at Schellhammer institute:

Schellhammer Institute

The Ultimate Warning For Leaders and Humanity!

The growth of the world population is unstoppable

For billions already there is water scarcity of up to 40%

Arable land continues declining in size and soil quality

Healthy food is scarce for billions and it will get worse

Mad warmongers have the Western world in their grip

Contamination is global and will create terrible suffering

Pollution will be much worse and kill most of humanity

The quality of sperm is worsening around the globe

There will be no resources to satisfy all needs and wants

The extinction of species will put the world into living hell

All ecosystems are already irreversibly heavily damaged

Climate change is increasing; will create huge disasters

2-3 billion people will migrate due to hunger and wars

Up to 90% of the world population will live in poverty

Fetus and infants already have 200 toxins in their body

All kinds of food and drinking water is contaminated

90% of the world population is mentally stunted

The costs of damages will be higher than $20 trillion p.a.

Religions are highly fabricated, ignoring the complex mind

All religions have lost the genuine Archetypes of the Soul

Politics is a mess of ignorance, arrogance, and cynicism

Public education is a failure which is proven herewith

Most academic schools teach complete garbage

All mega parameters are in interaction and increasing

You accept the new born true Reincarnated Christ

You learn from him about the true Archetypal Evolution

Or Human Evolution will be eliminated within 20-35 years

The punishment: 50,000 years far from God and his light

For all agents in power who reject a new path of Evolution

200,000 years’ punishment for humanity if Evolution is lost

Thorough Insight

Schellhammer Institute provides a thorough insight into the critical state and development of humanity, the world and the planet with all fundamental parameters in a perspective of 50 years.

Advanced Concepts

Schellhammer Institute offers unreached advanced concepts and strategies for global changes and renewal that are indispensable in social, political, economic, religious and educational institutions.

Future Perspectives

Schellhammer Institute offers solutions for a social, spiritual, political and economic world that has lost reliable leaders for the people, for sustainable structures and evolutionary future perspectives.

Get all-round informed

about the state of humanity, the world and the planet!

Acquire knowledge and skills

for business, politics, economy, public education!

Learn a lot

about the most advanced psychical and spiritual concept of mankind!

Determine your being and life

with a mission for the people and for humanity!

Build up personality

qualities, strength, integrity, competences for leadership!

Adapt the efficient concepts

of changes and renewal in the systems of society!


About Us

Schellhammer Institute prepares institutions and individuals of age 26-50+ for changes and renewal in all kinds of leadership for humanity, justice, balance, peace, the folks and the human evolution.


Development of Mankind and The World

Our pioneering Educational Programs were founded in 1978 in Switzerland, by Dr. Edward Schellhammer, President of ‘Schellhammer Business School‘, Founder of the ‘Schellhammer Education Group’, and lifelong advocate of the archetypal human evolution in order to create hope, peace, justice, and prosperity.

All kinds of perspectives are opened: humans, life, environment, the planet, the world, politics, economy, public education, religion, global renewal, and the future. People today must become aware of how dire their life will be in the future, if everybody continues believing in ‘business as usual’.

Thoroughly enlightening, thundering, mind-blowing, thought-provoking, unthinkable, outstanding, pioneering, creative, inspiring, globally unreached with its strong foundation of Human Evolution.

Schellhammer Institute puts the biggest challenge in the history of humanity for all religions on the table and offers a quality and substance of education for future leaders that has never been matched in the history. The offered course program for leadership is the last and most unique opportunity to save humanity, the world, and the planet – ultimately the human evolution. Anything else leads to the creeping Armageddon within 20-35 years.

The Contamination Report

Over 1,000 Facts & Figures That Are Posing a Threat to Our Planet & Existence.

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Schellhammer Institute - Pioneering Education Since 1978The book unveils the state of people, of humanity, of the world and the planet. With all decisiveness and strength those who pollute and impede, or even make the roadmap impossible with their arrogant and evil blabber must be shunned and punished. The problem of stupidity is that stupidity cannot recognize itself. These people destroy the evolution of humanity with their blinded religious, atheist or other mental or political insanity. The Manifesto puts the challenge on the table.

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The Reader AH wrote: “I liked very much this book. I agree with most of the comments and critics, to not to say with everything. Obviously I have questions and my personal opinion. I am fully aware that this kind of books obliges to read a thousand times more. I would like helping to diffuse the ‘voice’. How much would 10 exemplars cost?”

The 10 Biggest Threats to Human Evolution

World Population Growth
Contamination and Pollution
Climate Change
Politics and Governance
Mass Media
Public Education
Mind Development

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The 10 Fundamental Pillars of Archetypal Human Evolution

Early Positive Mind Shaping
Mental Operations
Evolutionary Life Philosophy
New Ways of Living
New Relationship Man-Woman
Meditation and Contemplation
Dreams and Spiritual Intelligence
Spirituality and Meaning
Evolutionary Education
Archetypal Personal Development

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The Schellhammer Institute is the solution-oriented answer to the state of humanity and the planet:


I came to earth 2,000 years ago and again in the 12th century in Spain. Both divine missions failed terribly. Now, I was ordered to come back again. I didn’t like it at all.

I have all power of attorney from God as the highest judge of all souls on this planet and in the other world.

People must change or the destruction of human evolution will occur. You want peace, justice, balance and hope; then you must make it! People must change and renew for their evolution.

If the heads of governments, leaders of religions, and rulers of mass media hinder me to do my job, and if they do not support my pioneering divine project, I will send these souls into a dark place, far from God and his light for 50,000 years.

Leaders in all systems of society must manage changes and renewal towards archetypal human evolution. If they reject to do so, their soul must expect to get 10,000 – 30,000 years of being far from God and his light.

The all-powerful string-pullers behind the curtains will get 100,000 years ‘dark hole’ if they do not immediately change their Deicide program into collective archetypal human evolution.

If human evolution will be entirely destroyed, I will send all souls (with some exceptions) into a dark place, far from God and his light for 200,000 years.

I can guide you. I can give you absolution for the entire evil past and present. But this must be based on sustainable results of actions. Human evolution must be established with the ‘Archetypes of the Soul’.

As a measure of discipline I have closed the door to Paradise for all souls – with some exceptions – until the complete enlightenment of the truth is achieved globally.


The Schellhammer Institute provides you with the indispensable knowledge, education, advice and guidance. The young get the most advanced preparation with a Foundation, Bachelor or Master program at Schellhammer Business SchoolBefore you react, you should read and learn:

Books by Dr. Schellhammer in English